My New Political Awakening

While it wouldn't surprise anyone who's been around here before that I've never voted for a Republican, I've also never been registered as a member of a political party.  Today, for the first time, I have given considerable thought to changing that.

Because of one man.

He is a true leader.

A true populist.

A Veteran.

And a Karate expert.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others: I give you Jimmy McMillan

True fact: The rent is too damn high.

New York, it's time to give this guy a better place to live, rent-free.
Put him in the Governor's Mansion on November 2.


  1. Thanks I needed that.

  2. Did you check out the website? It's a freaking monument to everything that was awesomely bad about 90's web design. Complete with the music that you can't turn off (though why would you want to?)

  3. Hilarious. And too true

  4. i. love. him. and i don't want to marry a shoe. but the rent is too damn high. everywhere. today i passed a woman on the street. she had menstrual blood on the back of her jeans. the rent is too damn high. richest country in the world my ass.

  5. Pia: No doubt.

    Anna: Personally, I've never met a shoe that made me feel oh so right in oh so many ways, but I can't say I'd grudge anyone the desire.

    Thing is, this is absolutely the richest country in the history of the world, your ass notwithstanding.

    And yet, the rent is too damn high.