One Word-- Shore

I wrote a long post about the incident outside the Kentucky Senate debate, but decided to post it at Calling 'Em Out.  Check it out, if you wish.

I picked this exercise up from Pia, whose treatise of it can be found here.  You're given one word, and from there, you write for a minute.  Then stop.  Here's mine:

It'd been a year since he'd been to Revere Beach during the day.  It was better at night.  Empty sands were better company than the sun worshipers.  The frigid water extended endlessly towards what passed for a starry sky around here.  He shivered as he felt his knees go numb.  No, he thought.  Not tonight.

He wondered where he'd say he was as he trudged slowly back toward the shore.


  1. Like the new look.

    Good going an exercise I'd fail at for sure, the pressure of a minute and all.

  2. Oh Cooper, the pressure was too much--a bell goes off when you're halfway through or so. i froze
    Patrick--I loved the first couple of sentences on first reading. The rest took me longer to like as much
    I don't know how you critique a one word exercise but it's fun

  3. love the new template. almost as much as i love and miss you. didn't do too well on my promise to keep it under a week before next contact, eh? sorry. thursday? friday? let me know.

  4. http://askforthemoon-arwriter.blogspot.com/2010/11/btw-one-word-elixir.html