Judge Virginia A Phillips is Owed Several Beers

So, that happened.

Up until just now, I've accepted if not embraced the Obama administration's line on Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  If Joe Biden is to be believed, the executive branch's relative lack of action was a negotiated position that won them support for repeal in the Congress.  One could look at the Republican filibuster of the defense authorization bill containing DADT repeal and cynically ask me how that one went, but presumably it wasn't just Republicans who asked for that consideration.

Also, stop being such a smartass, One.  This isn't the first time I've had to talk to you about this.

As for the actions of the Department of Justice... I have no fucking idea.  Are they an extension of Obama's promise to not end DADT by executive fiat?  Using the DOJ as a bargaining chit in that way would probably be impeachable.  Are they purposely putting forth bad cases?  Maybe.  It's uncertain if the injunction banning the enforcement of DADT would have been anywhere near as strong if the case put forth by the DOJ wasn't so weak.  But then why try the cases at all?  To buy time for the legislature?  I don't think you can delay a court case for as long as you can delay a Senate debate.

As it happens, the deadline for an appeal is going to come around the same time that the Pentagon is scheduled to release its study on the impact of repeal on troops during wartime, which will likely coincide with a lame duck session of Congress.

So, what will the history books say when this whole mess (to say nothing of all the others) is in the rearview mirror?

Fucked if I know.  I just want to make it out of this chapter with a little dignity.  And if this shit isn't settled by the end of the year, I'm moving to the moon.

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