Drama, of varying scales

I have a sixth sense for drama. One would think that means I'm good at avoiding it.

Trouble is? I'm a fucking idiot.

I got an invite via Facebook to an end of summer party that one of my friends was throwing, and instantly had a bad feeling. As such, I didn't respond to it at first. Then I ran into him at the T station.

"Hey! Desmond!"

"Hey Chris.

"You coming to my party?"

"What's that... this weekend?"


"Sure thing."

I got home, and logged into Facebook to signify that I was, in fact, attending--because obviously those undecided would make up their minds now-- And saw something rather troubling. I posted a while back about a girl who was dating someone in my social circle claiming to have cheated on him with me.

The guy in question? Listed as attending.

I'm fucking talented here. I manage to have high school drama revisit me three years out even though all the students at my school were dudes.

The party is tommorrow. Ok, technically today. So there will be a followup forthcoming. Potential for awkwardness is high. Of course, it could just blow over.

To be honest? Part of me wants something to come of it . I can sometimes be masochistic, but only if it's funny(see above statement about idiocy and where I stand in relation to it).

Anyone else troubled by this? I mean someone reading this in Russia might point out that we Americans live in a glass house when it comes to disturbing military adventurism, but I'm not throwing a stone so much as looking through my glass house into another one and saying "I can see you."

The stunt is, of course, meant to be troubling. As is this one. Inviting Iranian observers and denying Washington is a particular jab.

Bombers tracing NATO borders, troops amassing on Russian borders, and a body that's trying to pretend it's a new Warsaw Pact...

Weren't you all just saying that what we really needed, as the election draws closer, was an issue for militarists to harp on?

And it's no second Cold War just yet, but still...


  1. We will commiserate on Sunday.I've got to hear how this pans out.

    It doesn't frighten me enough, which in and of itself is frightening.

  2. Dios mio the drama! Though after so much time having gone by you think a grudge is still being held? Oy! I sure hope not!

    As for Russia and Iran and this whole mess... who the fuck knows where all this is headed but with all these morons running these respective countries (including our good ol' USA being helmed by that trigger happy cokehead bastard!) it is damn hard work keeping hope alive and THAT is heartbreaking, you know?

    I hope you have a fabulous and PEACEFUL weekend! :-)

  3. Now that it's Sunday I have been waiting for an update.

    Leave people hanging Wombat, why don't you? :)

    It's a miserable migraianey day--at least for me. Good excuse not to say or do anything

  4. Cooper: I hear that.

    Miz B: the thing is, I don't know. The lie was only a few months ago and I haven't seen him in high school and have no idea whether or not he believed it.

    As much as I hate where our country's gone, I recognize that the only reason we appear to be the biggest assholes are because we're the ones with the most power at the moment.

    Was that way for me too. All I did was see a movie

  5. I MIIIIIIISS YOU! Where'd you go???