So yeah. I've been neglecting this thing. My apologies.

First things first. The party? No Drama. Guy didn't show up. But my friend Steve did show up, back from Chicago to hang out for the first time in a couple of years.

Now there's something I've been doing for a bit over a year now. When I happen to have a guitar in my hands at a gathering, and there's a lull in conversation, I'll start to play a twelve bar blues in E, to see if anyone goes with it. Until that party, no one had. But Steve? didn't miss a beat. Even did a talking blues until the first turnaround, continuing to tell me about what he'd been telling me about previously. He managed to fit in "woke up this morning," and "going back to Chicago" without forcing it. No trains or the Devil, but for off the cuff, that gets high marks.

This is why I recommend hanging out with theater geeks who are also music geeks. They're awesome. This was my way of finding out who among my friends had it in them to kick it up a notch.

Cooper made note of Bush's comparison of Iraq and Vietnam. It dropped my jaw too. But I'm going to let you all in on a little fucking secret. Here it is.


He had to. My proof?

It's not that he learned the wrong lesson from history. It's that he doesn't fucking care. This occupation is profitable for too many of his freinds. Remember it was Bush and Cheney who forced Powell out for his opposition to the war. It wasn't due to any lack of agreement as to what an invasion would bring about. The difference is, oh, I don't know... THE ONE OF THEM WHO HAD ACTUALLY SERVED IN THE MILITARY CARED ABOUT THE LIVES OF AMERICAN TROOPS.

There is no spin that can rose-tint this shit.

Anyone still wonder why Republicans don't like Youtube?


  1. Yeah. Saw that co-op too. Not at all shocked. At least he didn't pull a McNamara and wait 40 years, though.

  2. I know I commented on this days ago.
    Nine days since you blogged dear wombat.

    I can barely watch the news, or a parody of it, without getting angry or nauseated.

  3. Jason: The way I see it, this was the reason they gave for not going in the one time when it made sense to go in, and it came true at a time where it made no sense to go in.

    Cooper: Actually that date is a lie. This post is just a couple of days old. I put it into a draft that I'd started two days after the previous post and Blogger doesn't let you edit the date anymore.

  4. It has been a blissful TV-free wait for our things to arrive and so I am a bohemian in the dark, enjoying the quiet... though it will not last long for our shipment of "crazy" arrives this very Saturday! I am freaking out! 602 boxes!

    But I so laughed at your mention of YouTube! Back in his college days, Loverboy lived with this fundamentalist Christian, uber Republican family, believe it or not, that he connected with and whom we are still in touch with and whom, to this day, consider him their son. They are good people but oh my how I bite my tongue whenever we meet (and that is rare for the live in Hong Kong)...

    The last time we saw them was our very first official day in SF... they were leaving the next day and we hung out all day long with them at our mutually shared Jewish-hippy-happy-alternative-lifetyled-just-like-us friends' home... yeah, quite the combo o' people and our Jewish friends are quite the liberals just like us!

    And YouTube was mentioned... the fundamentalist Christian uber Republican matriarch spoke with me about how these days everyone and their grandmother is displaying themselves on YouTube, the devil's tool, a sure sign of the demise of our society. I had to agree...

    ... and behind me Loverboy and our hippy-happy-liberal Jewish friends chuckled away...

    As for the guitarrific moment at the party, that would have been a grand thing to display on... well, come on over to the dark side with me and be a lost soul on YouTube brotha!

  5. You pull out a guitar and start to play? That is so "Friends" lol.

  6. Miz B:I know a few of those people. They're funny.

    I'd have recorded it if I had the equipment or knew something recordable was going to happen. I've got a couple ideas though so who knows.

    Steph: that... that hurts. My life is NOT a primetime-friendly dry-hump I SWEAR.