Inspiring my hatred is no mean feat. I met an accomplished motherfucker last night.

Random sight of the day: Court notice held up to a fridge by a magnet that says, "I do whatever the voices tell me."

last night was a FUCKING bad night. The morning was no better.

I propose a general public document that states that if you are driving a car and tell someone to get in and that they'll make sure they get you back to public transit before the lines shut down at 11:30 and then utterly ignore their constant reminders that they NEED TO GET BACK, you're honor-bound to drive them to where they need to be no matter where it is no matter long it takes because YOU FUCKED UP AND THAT MEANS YOU DON'T GET TO BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT HAVING TO SET IT RIGHT. I'll grant that given the number of times this has happened to me I'm an idiot for putting myself in situations where this can happen, but there's no fucking way it would happen on my watch and in my hypothetical car. If I ran a gas station I would give a discount to anyone who signed it.

And that was not the worst of it. I'm not going to talk about the worst of it.

So yeah. I met at least two people last night who I never friggin want to meet again. And also I completely forgot all of the other things I was planning on talking about. Naturally this is the time to get an email from BlogCritics telling me that my first article is due at 5:30 tomorrow. Make no mistake, the motherfucker shall be cranked out. But I hate deadlines.

Anyways I'm tired as hell and there will be more to see later


  1. I'm not going to laugh or anything.

    Just keep yourself out of those situations in the future.

  2. you can laugh if you want to