Of course, you knew there was going to be something here today

I've been asked a few times if I've met Cooper. Sadly the answer is no.

But I relish that the question is asked and that, well, other questions are also asked.

People who speak openly of mastication find themselves the topics of speculation. And I find it to be a complement of a high order to be speculated about with the likes of Cooper.

Pia has written of her memories surrounding a certain day, some twenty-two years ago, when the Earth became a slightly happier place, even if it didn't know it yet. Having not arrived on the scene in 1985, I can't do the same. But I can say a few things about 2005, when I stopped by to find that she'd learned a few of the same lessons at the advent of my (now perforated) college career.

I was at a school that I percieved to be completely at odds with my style. Signs of intelligent life were sparse and I spent most of my time either in the park or coffee shop writing or with friends or both, or in front of my computer late at night, fueled by coffee. Is the latter perhaps a bad habit?


But two years ago it got a whole lot more worthwhile.

There was the infamous conversation, there were also many others. Always something to look forward to that brought a smile to my face after a day of battling writer's block, finally coming up with something, and being greeted by the blank faces of design and dance majors who were taking that lit class only because they needed the credit and would say things to the effect that my writing was too "smart".

Cooper at times I believe has understood me when I didn't.

She manages to draw to herself plenty of detractors, which I'm more than happy to flame on.

Though I don't see how one could not love her. She's artistic, compassionate, intelligent...

Yes, she's damn hot. I noticed. You did, too.

All in all someone who to say that I'm glad to know her is an understatement.

Cooper, having honored your wishes and made no fuss over your graduation as it was simply going to happen anyways and you didn't see it as an accomplishment, I felt it necessary to put some words down here to congratulate you for living another year =P

Happy Birthday, Cooper.

I hope today is as good as it can get. Which isn't really anything I don't wish for you on any other day, but I'm saying it today

Hugs and love. Don't let the grind wear you down.


  1. Oh what beautiful post amigo mio and most definitely for a worthy and much loved by bohemians chica FO SHO!

    Cooper is faboo, a total dear, most definitely NOT cold and someone I hope to meet alongside a certain esoteric fellow soon...

    Whatya say? Hmmm?

    Oh... and as for the post below, I am an IE user (DAMN YOU FIREFOX! DAMN YOU!) for reasons you know all too well and the mozilla button DOES show up for me. Sometimes our computers can act screwy and it may just be you who is not seeing it.

    And your blog looks beeeyootiful I tell you!

    Besos to you, oh so sweet amigo!

  2. Thanks me wombat.
    I looked for you but I was on late.
    Long sad story, I'll tel you tomororow.

  3. Miz B: If I can manage it you of course know I'm in favor of it.

    I've actually played with it since then so that might have shaken something loose.

    Cooper: I'm glad you liked it. Sorry I wasn't on, and that the story was long and sad.