yeah yeah yeah I know. (he says in case anyone's listening). I've been neglecting

But actually a part of it has to do with a potential project. Nothing to declare right now as it's very much in the idea phase and also in that it's a collaboration and may require some convincing to get going.

The FCC gets taken down a peg. Oh fuck yes. A small victory, but anytime the bullshit is cleaned away we're better for it.

Journalists vying to convince another billionaire to save the Wall Street Journal from Rupert Murdoch. Funny. I can't seem to find any coverage of this from Fox News

Kevorkian's getting released
. I'm not convinced on the issue (so far as physician assisted suicides go) one way or another, but if the motivation for protecting the right to die is compassion, is it really a good idea to have a guy who looks like the Grim Reaper as spokesman?

Libby gets 2 1/2 years.
Bush spokespeople are dodging questions as to whether or not he'll be pardoned. I somehow doubt that Libby will be in jail after Bush's presidency lapses. If he's not pardoned now, I'm guessing he'll be pardoned then. I think it's an important executive power but I'm wondering if there'd be any balanced way to limit it.

Oh also the ending of Season 6 of The Sheild was far more satisfying than that of 24.

Not that I presume anyone here follows either.

Speaking of things that no one else follows, this amused me

Yeah, I'm sort of running dry on things to write about. The words I have scrawled down of late aren't ready yet. Hopefully this will change.



  1. Dr Death has always creeped me out.

  2. Cursing so long ago lost any meaning to me

    Assisted suicide is too big an issue for me right now--I mean too heavy

    Libby better not be pardoned