You've got to admit, it's getting better

Pardon if the font color seems ugly or out of place, I've been told that my previous shade was giving some people trouble. I fully intend to hone it to fit my aesthetic.

Also, it came to my attention that IE was having trouble with my blog. Namely, it was stacking my columns on top of one another instead of putting them side by side. I asked a friend why this might happen. He, in turn, asked a friend, and a conclusion was drawn.

"Because Internet Explorer sucks"

And it's hard to disagree there. Like an idiot child, it understood the working parts, but couldn't follow the instructions to assemble them.

After some tweaking, I was able to get the first two to go where they should, but it still doesn't understand the concept fully. The third one dangles off at the end of the content, dragging the footer down with it. Though all it contains is my bloglog badge, profile link, and archive log. The host of links on the left will satisfy for now. I'll revisit the dangling third column some time when it's not four in the god damned morning and also when I give a shit. If for whatever reason Firefox doesn't work well on your machine, I understand, and that's most of the reason why I bothered anyways. Also, Cooper told me that she wanted me to reach out and reminded me that most people still use Explorer.

But seriously. Don't use IE unless you have to. It's basically horrible.

Fun fact: The badge that says I support Firefox can be seen in Firefox, but not IE

Who would have fucking guessed

Oh speaking of links, you may noticed that I've added some. We here at RoaII have looked favorably upon Steph's Much Ado About Sumthin' (I wonder if she's aware that if she's following the same convention as the Shakespeare play then her title suggests that she's blogging about dick. It's a joke lost on most people ) and Kait's Dark Black Dress (Not having ever worn one myself, it's a testament to her that I read the blog. Also, should I occasion to wear one, which I'll readily admit is not a stretch of a hypothetical, she shall be consulted.) for some time, and the lack of recognition is an oversight at best.

Also you may notice that I've linked to twenty more webcomics. You can feel free to ignore/continue to ignore them as part of the reason they're there is my tendency to use my link section in lieu of a bookmarks page. They are, in fact, good. So by all means, check them out if you think you might enjoy them. I'll grant that not many people are as interested in the comic strip as I am.

Well, if you were looking for something other than a blog status update I'm afraid there will have to be disappointment because I'm damned tired at the moment.


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