Now that I think of it I may have done this one before, but still I like how this came out

So there was something I was going to write last night but it left me and then Firefox went tit up on me. As it happens, I've been tagged by Anna and, the sweetheart that she is, only had to beg a little for the honor.

The meme is words of a given letter that hold some meaning, and I was tagged with the letter F.

yes, we're all thinking it, so I'm going to put it first.


We can take as read the predilection one might have for the literal meaning of the word, because it's really so much greater than that (or broader, leastaways). It carries with it all the usage that Charles Schultz popularized "Good Grief" with in Peanuts and more. "Fuck off!" Go "Fuck Yourself!" "What the Fuck!?" "Fuck the Haters!" et al. "Fuckin A!" is a favorite of mine, because of it's peculiar usage in the positive. It's common for it to be misused, as in, "Man, I just got a speeding ticket"/ Fuckin' A, dude. No. It's a term of agreement. As in, "Let's get some ice cream!" "Fuckin' A!" If you've been here before you know I'm in Favor of it as an intensifier. Also, if one uses it and other words of its kind in the company of 3+ syllable words it will astound and confuse the simple and weak minds.


While it's true that I prefer not to suffer fools, as they are generally recognized, I take pride in owning up to my own foolishness. furthermore, when I occasion to meet a Fool in the Shakespearean sense of the word it is never unwelcome. I'm not quite sure whether or not I fall into that category in general--clearly I sometimes play the role, even when I'm not on stage--but I'm in love with the irony behind the title of Fool in that their main function is to point out folly in others, while behaving deliciously ridiculous.


Are awesome.

Explaining in detail why would be beyond the scope of the meme and would also take me the rest of the night.

No, I'm not just pandering to my lopsided demographics. Hush, you.


As a genre I gobble it up and I make no secret about it. Books, movies, roleplaying games, video games... etc. As a pastime it's an escape from drudgery and a necessity to any who calls themself an artist.


William Faulkner once said that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism, and I say that truth of that caliber is not often spoken. I love fiction; both reading it and writing it. But I have no end of scorn for those who present it as literal truth.


This one is a bit esoteric (who would ever guess that such a thing would come from me) and as such I find it hard to explain without disseminating the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you've read it and have any great need to hear why I find it particularly important beyond a mere reference to a brilliant work of fiction and satire, then only say the word. Otherwise I humbly suggest you read it

Fear and Loathing

This one also requires an explanation. You may be aware that the term was popularized by Hunter S Thompson, specifically in his titles. And while I suppose to fully understand what the Good Doctor meant by it would require a time machine and some chemicals, It has come to convey the air of disgust and disillusionment borne of democracy, and indeed, society, gone awry. It's the anguish of the thinking populace that discovers that the men and women paid to serve them have betrayed their interests. And moreover, it's the vigilance and determination to expose and eliminate the ugliness in our culture.


Love it. Love cooking it, love eating it, love exploring new sorts of it. When the sustenance required to continue living can be a form of artistic expression, when it can be a means to bring people together... then the lives it sustains can only be enriched.


Genetically speaking I come from a huge one, but I consider it to go beyond that entirely. I have only two siblings but I consider many to be my brothers (yes, sisters too but I just didn't want to say "brothers and sisters" because that sounds sort of cliche and lame).


Not to be diluted, abridged, or restricted, save for respect to the rights of others. Anything less is an unworthy compromise and a great heresy against human nature. It's a simple idea, but to fully embrace it and all it entails can be a challenge for some.

And I do believe that's it. Hope I didn't miss anything.

This post, to restate the apparent, has been brought to you by the letter F. Thanks again to Anna. Anyone wishing a tag can have one if they ask. I'm hoping that the thing I was trying to write last night returns...


  1. (jumping up and down, jumping up and down)

    you are now, hereby, an honorary dyke.

    and what's this about begging just a little? sheesh, i had to mention it on my blog comments as well as yours you delectable creature!

  2. You're putting the womb into wombat (I'm running with Anna, here), the estrogen into esotericity, the sense into insomnia...

    I have to say I agree with everything you said. (Hope I didn't miss anything) Superb choices of words, brother!

    Six times seven: love it! My favourite multiplication as I frequently remind my maths' classes. Really! I get the Adams reference, but tell me more...

    As for my beloved fuck. Yum. Tho I wasn't so sure when the phrase 'stumpfucking' came up on the TV during dinner. (Have you seen The Mighty Boosh in America? It combines fools, food, fantasy and freedom. LOVEIT)

    Now where was I? Rambling, again, sorry ;-)

  3. Anna: *hugs* Thank you so much. I'm honored

    And I was watching your comment thread like a fox. I just hadn't gathered all of the words yet.

    Mimes: You're not the first to run with that thread of wordplay but I have to say I love your treatise of it.

    As both you and Anna have read it, I'm going to erect an SEP field around all spoilers. Dear readers, if you have no familiarity with the works of Douglas Nora Adams, consider this a disclaimer and a declaration that if anything in the following paragraph constitutes a spoiler for you, the problem is Somebody Else's

    <---Begin SEP Field--->

    Ah but if you recall, it turned out to be six by nine, n'est pas? For me it's a symbol of the frivolity to looking for Answers with a capital A. One is better off collecting as many lowercase-a answers as can be found. They're far more likely to add up to any sort of meaning. Though I did suspect that the Question was, "what is the IQ of the man who rules the Universe?"

    <---End SEP Field--->

    I've only been aware of the Mighty Boosh in that it used to run after Coupling, which I watched religiously until it ended. I was never able to see it because the episodes I watched were acquired in the same manner as my Doctor Who episodes. I'll be sure to look into it

    You are, of course, free to ramble

  4. (F)abulous as always Wombat.