Kevin Smith was right, Alanis is god

When an insanely popular hit song can be savagely burned simply by singing it sincerely, it's telling what sort of state music is in.

On the other hand, there's Alanis.

If you don't love Alanis, you're wrong.

Plain and simple.


For the "No Shit" file

Conservative radio assholes around here have been mocking the Kyoto protocoll and in fact any effort to curb emissions due to a supposed lack of conclusive proof, which is I suppose what is required to fight pollution but not what is required to fight a war. I wonder if even a declaration of 90% certainty is going to move them. Should it come up I'll be sure to call in.

Also, apparently the largest donor to the attack campaign that Bush had no ties to (nudge nudge wink wink) has been rewarded with an ambassador post during the recess and may even draw a salary for it despite the fact that federal law that prevents recess appointees from being paid.

On this day, a Friday, when 2000+ years ago a man was nailed to a tree for saying it would be great if we weren't dicks to each other, who never in fact said that he was God despite what others said. Given what happened on this day back then and the fact that since then the latter teaching has caught on far better than the former, and in fact a number of people have lost their heads and reputations for not embracing the latter at the hands of people who clearly weren't embracing the former, being myself no longer an embracer of the former but in fact a firm believer in the latter, and given the nature of the rest of this post, I declare this also to be yet another Fuck You Friday.

This is not, I say merely to disclaim, meant as a sleight on those who believe in and practice both of the aforementioned teachings, however silly I personally find the latter (After all, like I said, Alanis is god). But to require the latter in defiance of the former is to lose my respect, by any meaning of the word.


  1. "what is required to fight pollution but not what is required to fight a war"

    If only satire changed the world.

    Loving the colour scheme, by the way.

  2. one day i was trapped inside a best buy while waiting for some help from an employee there...i had my ipod and was listening to something other than THIS song. this and other assorted similar videos were on. by the time i got out of there, i wanted to kill myself.

    i was going to put this video up on my blog. now i don't have to. thanks. much love.

  3. and your fuck you friday is good too.

  4. Mimes: Well then the hacks would be a constant threat to us all.

    Glad you like the new paintjob

    Anna: Not my Fuck You Friday. Chris Onstad came up with it.

    Glad you liked it. I try to avoid Best Buy. Of course sometimes one can't.

  5. Nice going.

    i should have gotten here sooner.