Do tell me what you think

And I believe you know what about. Much thanks to the people behind the Psycho toolset

Viva la GPL!


  1. Whoa. Pretty sweet, dude.

  2. Ooooh!!! I LOVE IT! Seriously!

    It is neat and organized and has strong colors... faboo FO SHO! WOOH!

  3. this is lovely wombat. so butch.

  4. I love it. love it, love it

    the colors are great--the style is wonderful

    We should celebrate or something :-)

  5. i like the new blog digs. that's hot.

  6. Jason: Thanks dude.

    Miz B: It was hard to come up with something that is both organized and also in tune with who I am, which is to say, someone who isn't the least bit organized.

    Anna: Never had anything I've done described as such. That's pretty cool.

    Pia: Yes! Drinks all around!

    Vesper: Actually I was going to jump to wordpress and in fact did clone my blog over there but the only template available for the free service that I liked was yours, and I didn't want to cramp your style.

  7. I like, dear wombat but I already told you that.

    I am happy you got your tweets in order.

    Now you must turn off the word verification.

  8. wombat...how about you do the letter 'F'...