I suppose Art's just waiting for it's Battle of Thermopylae

Cooper gave a heads-up on National Poetry Month. And I do really try not to seem like I follow her in her tracks, but I haven't written poetry in a hell of a long time and I really should be. So I think that for the month if it comes upon me to write an epigram for a post I will. This will, not, I suspect, be my best work.

Hid behind the curtain

or taking a shower
One can't be certain
Self loathing: an affliction
Or a veil
Fact or fiction
No avail

In correlation to Schroedinger, the act of drawing back the curtain changes the details of what, indeed, if anything is behind the curtain. Though if absolutely nothing is behind it then it is safe to say that there's trouble.

Another round of art versus commerce.

Same song, different words. It's like fucking Nickelback. And even they only did that once. Well, only literally did that once.

Got a notice that the guy who oversaw the summer theater group I roll with last summer is stepping down. No word who if anyone is going to step into his place. It can be safely said that it won't be me. I can write, direct, and act in theater. No producer, I. I do hope someone steps in though. I've got a jones and I have very little desire to go grubbing for bit parts in Boston for next to no pay as opposed to being a significant part in a play with people I like for no money.

Art Versus Commerce at a small scale, perhaps. The art side has its martyrs and the commerce side has its fascists and it's clear now that it'll give Science Versus Religion a run for its money in its longevity. But to the topic that I did in fact link to, I want you to imagine a world where every trademark holder potentially has veto power over art. If the revolution does not come then, I'm afraid it's possible we'll have crossed the event horizon.

But then again it feels like we're speeding towards a whole slew of those, doesn't it?


  1. OK, OK, I liked the Alainas video

    Thought the poem was good, and the peek into the mind behind it very good.

    Your new template is a wonder. I love looking at it

    oh, and now I know how to greet people on Good Friday---thanks

  2. "But then again it feels like we're speeding towards a whole slew of those, doesn't it?"

    Yes it does.

    I like your poem wombat.

  3. Pia: Heh. Never said that video in particular was mandatory

    Only greet them like that if they try to take your table ;)

    Cooper: I have the vague idea that previous generations have thought this and not all wound up dead, but really that can only be seen as circumstantial

    and thank you