Art versus Culture 2: David and (Todd) Goliath

the thieving artist
who from the internet takes
will soon find rebuke

Exhibit A: Taken from the webcomic Purple Pussy by Dave Kelly. The September 8, 2001 strip to be specific

Exhibit B: From, well, an exhibit. To be specific, Golddigger, the Jack Gallery's exhibit of the artwork of Todd "Goliath" Goldman, which surfaced recently in Los Angeles.

Todd Goldman is a douchebag. Hands down. And I know that art plagiarism is no new concept and that it's rampant on the internet, but this fucker has made millions off of a T-shirt empire full of concepts every bit as stolen as this one. Ok no wait that's not actually correct. This one is very thoroughly stolen.

That's right. He fucking traced it. Poorly I might add; he messed up the head. And in case there was any question as to whether or not this was intended as an homage, Here's the clincher. A quote from the article.

Goldman attributes his inspiration to his wittiness and weird sense of humor.

"I'm just wacked out of my mind. Things just come to me really quickly. I have complete ADD so I've never finished a book before. I haven't really watched cartoons or read comic books. It's just my witty sense of humor and my love to draw," Goldman said.

Am I the only one cringing?


And while I know that I'm very likely the only one here who has any interest in the webcomic community, I'm putting this out there to do my part in making the case known, because the more people are made aware of it, the better odds Dave has at suing Todd into the stone age.

And also let this be a message to artists of all stripes who post on the net: Keep an eye out. You might be the one who catches the next Todd Goldman and ruins him.


  1. wow. he didn't even try to make it different, did he? at least, not by much...

  2. I will be password protecting my blog sometime within the next couple days. If you want to continue accessing my blog and want to obtain a password, please email me: vesper7@gmail.com.

  3. That really sucks.

  4. Shit... well, at least he makes it easy for the artist to sue his ass! Douchebag indeed! That would totally make my blood boil I tell you!

  5. Anna: Blatant and shameless. He either thought no one would notice or he didn't care.

    Vesper: Thanks for the invite

    Cooper: Quite

    Miz B: I would not want to be the fool who stole from you, that's for sure.