Back up your Birth Control... yes I'm a couple of hours late

Plan B

Contraceptive, not abortifacient.

Funny story though. Women who dispensed abortifacients as the Catholic Church took control of Europe were classified as witches and often burnt at the stake.

Oh wait. That's not a funny story at all.

But it's a damned good example of why we should know better than to let the religious interests even be heard on this issue. Yes yes, they have freedom of speech, but the rest of the nation needs to exercise its freedom to not give a flying fuck what they think.

Cooper has all the facts about EC listed in her post along with relevant links, in the extremely unlikely case that you haven't read it already. The cliff notes is that it works and it's safe. There isn't a fucking reason why it shouldn't be readily and universally available. There's no reason every woman-- and every man for that matter-- who has ever thought of having sex shouldn't know about it. There's no reason this should be a matter of fucking debate. Just like there's no reason that the HPV vaccine should have been a matter of debate.

Ladies, I implore you. If you like to fuck and don't want a baby, have some of this in stock. Dudes, if you're likely to entertain such a lady at your place, it wouldn't be the worst idea to have a dose or so. Don't overdo it though. One dose means you're prepared. A drawer full means you're a manwhore.

But the social conservatives in this country aren't really concerned with looking at this in any rational way. This, much like stem cell research, is a matter of drawing a line in the sand so that they can remain within striking their ultimate goal: banning abortion. Rape victims? Teenage pregnancy? Collateral damage to them. Or that's what it must be.

There has been no known effective way to pierce the armor of a Soldier of Christ. When the Holy Spirit takes control of him no force can move him from his stance, no matter what arguments it is assailed with. Demonstrate from all angles and with seamless logic that he is wrong and he will quote the Bible. Nothing short of the Word Of God will persuade him. It is difficult to discern what role he will play in the twenty-first century.

And not all of the people who clearly know better are helping either. Despite promising to support the use of Plan B, Mitt Romney--who I knew as the Ken doll Mormon douchebag governor until recently, and you may know as a presidential candidate-- went back on his promise citing a different promise not to alter Massachusetts abortion law. This had absolutely nothing to do with a campaign to rebrand himself as a values conservative.

Politics impeding sexual health issues? Say it ain't so.


  1. you're back!
    there's scotch on the table if you want it. i'm busy right now. gotta go pace by the battlements and pour boiling oil over the edge...

  2. I can't take it anymore. My goddaughter, had she ever been baptized, just took her second of three HPV shots

    She thought it would protect her from all types of cervical cancer and other things--they almost had her believing that it would protect from HIV

    I'm glad schools here are providing the shots. I wish they would provide true education also

  3. "Ladies, I implore you. If you like to fuck and don't want a baby, have some of this in stock."

    Wombat you are cracking me up. God Damn You.

  4. Anna: You are fantastic, you know that?

    Pia: Impossible to disagree with you there. You know my stance on lying to kids.

    Myboss: Just doing my job, milady

  5. Anonymous11:52 PM

    From you I learn "manwhore." From Chedwick I learn "barkhole."

    My day is complete.

    May the pill be with you.