Empathyzing with Tantalus and other things. Actually, only other things.

Wet naps
Toilet paper
Winnie the Pooh in a hamster outfit
Gonzo the Great
And a bunch of cds.

A bored friend of mine felt the need to call me and tell me what was in his girlfriend's car. As effiguration can only stave off boredom for so long he asked that I entertain him as he waited for her to get off work.

Sometimes you just roll with it. And being myself no rank amateur at oddity, I have little place to raise objection. As it happened I was playing the guitar when he called, so I pulled the phone over to where I'd left my guitar and amp and just as I was getting ready to play he said he had to go as his girlfriend had just gotten out and hey did I want to go grab lunch.

I was there when they met, and actually now that I think of it he wouldn't have gone out to that Bickford's in the middle of the night if I hadn't gone with him so I'm at least somewhat responsible for them having met. That was four months ago and this is the first time since then that I've seen them.

Odd the way things go

Fun times

Actually now that I think of it I think I've been without my good friend for about as long as I've been without my favorite Bohemian, who is now back with more of her Youtubey goodness.

I haven't been on this much lately either. And it's not for lack of time or desire. I'm just having severe writer's block. Which sucks. The two things I do that I consider meaningful are writing and theater, and I'm not really doing either at the moment. I get the feeling that I'm slipping... that I used to be better than this. I want to be something with a bit more depth or significance than "I saw 300 and it's freaking amazing" but nothing seems to escape me.


Yeah I've got nothing else for now.


  1. Wombat you call it writers block, I call it fermentation. Ideas need time to gel etc

    One of my best friends and I introduced a couple to each other--for work not love

    They're divorced but I look at their sixteen year old daughter and sometimes think--she wouldn't be here if not for me. It's humbling

    This is only one of the many reasons that i adore you:

    As effiguration can only stave off boredom

    the whole sentence was amazing. I once convinced a work supervior that stave could be used without off because I liked the way it sounded better

    Never mind that this was a stupid report--needed creativity to show

  2. Wombat, after you ferment I imagine the taste will be sublimely
    I'm glad MizzyB is back too, she has fermented long enough.

    You are better than everything.

  3. you didn't ask for my advice but i'm going to give it anyway because i'm the pushy sort of grrl.
    so hey, with a mind like yours and an equally ravishing soul to boot...you're simply dancing somewhere in the ether...in your dreams and thus, when you are awake, you're subconsciously collecting what you need before your next step...that's all. you're fine. fine. fine. everything's as it should be.

  4. I hear ya on the block... the words and ideas are there but they refuse to come out, life refuses to cooperate and I feel like I need to shout but my voice won't come/obey/work/find me, whatever... you know?

    I think it is something in the air... so many bloggers seem to have been KO recently... might be connected to the earth's freaky frequencies and energetic chaos I believe is directly related to global warming... far fetched? Well, a bohemian can only hypothesize and I am weird enough to believe what I just said DAS FO SHO!

    I missed you my friend and am glad to hear that you too are back! Boho besos flying your way!

  5. The Muses are fickle creatures. The more you plead, the more they ignore you. Turn your back, and they'll still ignore you. Until one day ...

    This too shall pass.

  6. Pia: I just hope I don't make it to vinegar before something worthwhile emerges.

    Cooper: Thanks, lovely. I've always wanted to be alluring... and intoxicating.

    Anna: I'm glad you're pushy. And dear lord is that some blush-inducing praise right there. *hugs*

    Miz B: I'm more than willing to blame it on global warming. Though your return can only improve the situation.

    OC: There is little wonder that the storytellers of old began by begging for their help.