Once again, for the first time ever

I would say that my sore throat is gone, but the fact of the matter is I still look at it in the mirror and it looks like Picasso and Esther teamed up to fuck things up back there. And this isn't me hating on either of them. If someone intended to do that it'd be an achievement. And then I'd beat the ever-loving shit out of them with a smile on my face. Ok so that does sound like hate. Seriously though. Only Guernica. Everything else is cool.

That reminds me of a joke involving an experienced golfer and someone who'd never played before.

"Are you sure you want to play with me?"

"Not only that, but I'll beat you"

"Heh. Good one."

"No, I'm not joking around. I'll beat you and hell, all I'll use is the 9 iron"

That's right, this is one of my all over the place posts, otherwise known as, "my posts." Traditionally, I'll rave about some things that I'm digging at the moment. Here I'll list them with notes to save time

Scrubs on dvd: It's no Boston Legal but hot damn is it rare that a sitcom is any good. And this one may have a format it sort of sticks to but it makes up for it with excellent pacing, writing, and execution.

Guitar Hero: It is not likely that I'm going to own any console this game appears on in the near future but this one is a blast. Yes, I realize that I own and play an actual guitar. Shut up, I'm having fun =P

Metalocalypse: I watched all of the episodes on Youtube recently and the main line of this is that it's grotesquely awesome. It's about a death metal band that has somehow found its way to unfathomable popularity; easily one hundred times as popular as the Beatles ever were (no calculations on how much more popular they are than Jesus) If you at least sorta dig death metal like I do or if you think it's ridiculous (actually yeah sometimes I fall into that category, too) this show is a blast. And as the episodes clock in at about ten minutes each it doesn't overstay its welcome or overtax your time (c'mon, try it. All the cool kids are doing it)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Honestly I'd rather see the show that they're producing than the show that actually gets aired, but that's only because I've been hurting for good sketch comedy since I realized that SNL wasn't funny anymore. (my nativitee had been kept afloat by reruns of the Chris Farley era) That isn't to suggest that Studio 60 isn't excellent. Sorkin does some good TV, and Matthew Perry finally learns what it's like to have good writers behind him and what do you know, he had talent after all. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, has yet to kick the habit of involving herself with uninspired shit, but that's another story. In any case, as someone who is every bit as hostile to bad comedy writing as the main character in the show, I'm naturally going to like this one, but check out this clip from the first episode. That's the last Youtube link I swear and what do you know I am sorta raving now aren't I.


Torchwood: Yes, I'm a scifi geek. Yes, I'm a Doctor Who fan. Yes, I like dark themes in my entertainment, and yes, I think the decision to make everyone sexually ambiguous was gold.

Boston Legal is doing a Sunday episode again, no doubt a peace offering to those of us who have turned our ire upon ABC for the hiatus (Barbra FUCKING Walters).

Oh yeah, and Google? I respect how you managed to be a staple of this decade's culture despite having a logo that was clearly designed by someone's 5 year old on Bring Your Kid To Work Day, but why the fuck do you have to make commenting so messed up for "the new Blogger?" Even though I'm always signed in to my Google account because of my Gmail notifier, it makes me do so again after posting a comment to someone else's blog, then redirecting me to my dashboard, and in the process losing my comment, which I never end up writing the same way twice. I think you should amend your mission statement: "Don't be Evil, and also don't be a douche.

What else, what else... Oh yeah, apparently a couple from within my social circle broke up and after some "confession" there are people, though who has heard the lie I know not yet, who think that I slept with someone who's unappealing both inside and out. But I don't know who believes this, only that there are people who do. Odds are low at this point that I need to get new friends. But God Damn is this annoying. Selah. Looks like I've got some sorting out to do. *puts on hip-waders* Catch you all later.


  1. HAH! I just got done watching Scrubs!

    You would like this BBC show called Green Wings... a British medical show, fucking hilarious and kinda modeled after Scrubs but it is its own total and original thing and MY GOD the risque things they adress, how out there the actors are and what they do for their roles! All out and simply fabulous! You can download it on BT... DO IT! You will LOVE it I tell you!

  2. I saw Studio 60 Sunset Strip or whatever it is called and found it to be ok, I might actually watch ti.

    Barbara who?

    Oh Wombat, the things you get yourself into ...unknowingly?????

    Glad you feel better, disregard putrid ugly pharyngeal area.

    I hope to get to talk to you soon.

  3. Miz B: I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

    Cooper: There's more to the story now, it seems. I'll add it shortly.

    I hope so too.