You probably noticed that there was no Boston Legal on Sunday. Consultation of my source that claimed there would be saw that information redacted. ABC, if they are to be believed, say that it will return tomorrow. They had better not be messing with me.

As for the rumor about me, it turns out that the female in question has since gained the reputation of a pathological liar and has been telling anyone who'll listen that she had sex with me. The person from whom my friend who informed me of it all found out about the rumor did not believe her, and didn't feel the need to call me and ask me if it was true. And yet one of my closest friends did. You lot wouldn't believe ugly lies about me, would you?

Wait, maybe I don't want an answer to that question.

Also, in other news, at the urging of a dear friend of mine, I consented to a bit of a change of look. Here, let me show you.

This brought to you live in three-o-clock-in-the-morning-vision. Please do not be alarmed.

No more than an hour after she cut my hair, some girl on the subway thought I was Eddie Vedder. I thought it was a joke at first but her friend had to convince her that I wasn't. Given the nature of the group I would suspect they came from a bar, so this raises three questions

How many drinks does it take for me to look like Eddie Vedder?

Can this phenomenon be replicated?

Should I learn some Pearl Jam songs?

Of course the third relies on the first two. I think that I may have to look into this, in the spirit of scientific inquiry.


  1. I've only had three small glasses of some type of coffee liqueur and I agree so I'd say three.;0

    Who gets the braid?

  2. huh... thought you didn't dig on that stuff... Three, though? I'll make a note.

    Don't know it's fate yet. I'm open to suggestions

  3. Looking like Eddie Vedder is not a bad thing... :) Trust me... :)

  4. Shayna: Never said it was. I'm just wondering how I can exploit it =D

    Tess: Thanks!