Today is a day where I post links to a few things and am sparse with words. Or at least that's what this post is

That was the title when I first started writing this. It sort of snowballed

I found out last night that in one of my posts way back I didn't link to something I'd thought I'd liked to. Here it is, though late. I think it's beautiful and brilliant. It seems that every feature film that's been done with CG has been on some level, completely inane and commercial. Here it's just honest and polished. I have a predilection for those moments. It's part of why I co-founded And Then What Happened. By the way, there have been some fantastic submissions over there; well worth reading

By the way I love the spell checker on the new Firefox. I'm mentioning it now because I just misspelled a word. Which word it was can safely remain a little (if not dirty) secret.

A note to Barbara Walters: I don't give a fuck who you think is fascinating. I really don't. I don't know what your appeal is, or why anyone does, in fact, want to see your god damned list. You were obsolete in 1998 by the very latest because of the internets, and coincidentally that was the year you thought someone was fascinating because she smoked the President's pole. And while every dude in the world thanks Monica for making oral the new second base, that still doesn't mean we want to know more about her than say, any other human being on the planet. Or any more than I want to know about you. What I do want to know about is what crazy-ass client is going to walk into the law offices of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt and demand representation. I want to know what completely fucked up thing Denny is going to do next. I want to know what underhanded scheme Alan is going to employ to win a case. I want to see if he finally has sex with either Denise or Shirley. And yes I know these things are not of any more vital importance than your list but they are at least interesting and entertaining GOD FUCKING DAMMIT AND IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK THAT A SHOW THAT AIRS TUESDAY NIGHTS GOES ON ON A TUESDAY NIGHT?

woah... my eyes went out of focus there and it looked for a second that my laptop screen was the only thing that existed in a void of twisting blue light. That would be a shitty universe given the shape my laptop's in. I think that it should be illegal to call something a laptop that heats up such that you would not if in your right mind put it anywhere near your crotch.

I may have already said that.

I'm off my routine. A fresh install of Firefox means that my bookmarks aren't complete, Boston Legal didn't air today, the Patriots didn't win on Sunday, and I haven't had coffee at midnight with my guys since one of them got a girlfriend who works at a game store and was able to unify the two loves in his life. I think that was about a month ago.

I hate to think of myself as a creature of habit but shit the more I think of it the more that phrase is sort of redundant as every gorram species on the planet has found it's way into one consistent method of keeping the breathing and the eating and the bloodflow going and even Thoreau fell into a routine at Walden Pond. Still though...

I know that a brief glance at this site reveals me to be a webcomics geek and that the odds are low of anyone being particularly interested in any comic I link to, but I find this one particularly striking; both the series and the individual strip.

Ok so in case you haven't noticed while my output has been sporadic of late and I suppose for the entire run of this blog I do have the capability of producing words. I'm just short of things to talk about. So I'm introducing as of now a sort of blogging by request feature. Far be it from me to think that anyone has any dire need to hear my take on any particular subject but what the hell, if there's something you wouldn't mind hearing me talk about, leave me a comment or drop me an email. I've been getting rusty with my writing and I need to work through it.

anyways, I'ma drop off. Laters


  1. Dear wombat, you write beautifully you should write on any subject imaginable.
    God I briefly flicked through a Babs Walter thing the other day and wanted to shoot her. Really.

  2. write about midnight coffee with the guys.
    something i used to do but couldn't find companions as of late. everyone would rather be out late getting trashed. boring if that 's all you do

    coffee is better
    the amping of thought
    the pondering
    the slamming of palms against the table.
    the cheering.
    the ideas.

  3. Oh my! You have betad it up!!!!!! You joined the dark side! How is it? I am a chicken shit with it all I tell you!

    As for Barbara Walters, I wanna slug the damn bitch and have her shut the fuck up! At least get an originaly thought to spew out of that ridiculous face with that fucked up ducky duck duck accent! Coño! And don't get me started on because-I-am-a-lesbian-and-am-out-I-get-be-more-self-righteous-than-before idiot Rosie O'Donell... figures Barbara Wawa would hire her! Blach!

    And BL got postponed because of HER? Hija de la gran puta! I am stuck in fucking Spain and NEED BL! Now I REALLY am gonna slug her!

    As for your writing, I ditto the Coop but since I want you writing more I may pop in every once in a while and boss you around... the perk of being a yoga teacher, telling peeps what to do! WOOH! for one, get back to answering comments! I have OCD dammit and things need to have a finish! I SO kid you not!

    How's that for bossy? :-)

    tnxbl- Thanks BL!

    ha, ha, haaaa!

  4. Cooper: Thanks, dahling. Though my problem seems to be imagining subjects.

    Jromer: Well I haven't been out for it in too long, but I did have a notebook that I took out most of the times so I'll see if anything's worth putting here.

    Miz B: Well, here's my speedy response to the first demand.

    I switched over because they seemed to be saying that the beta was "done," which one would think would mean it's no longer a beta.

    Heh. And I thought I was being kind of harsh; look at you and Cooper! The thought of the both of you beating her up is a pleasant one. But then again she would probably end up doing an hour long special about her ordeal that would bump yet another episode of BL


    You are absolutely allowed to be bossy here.

  5. Writing seems to come natural to you... no matter what you do and don't write about!

    Happy Holiday's, my dearest Wombat!