I don't even know if I'll like the way this reads at all when I wake up

So, NBC is apparently calling the situation in Iraq a civil war. (Yes, I understand that I'm two days behind this) It may be even beyond that apellation but the point is they're the first media outlet to apply that label.

And all it took was a definitive coup of the US House of Representatives to get them to look into their pants and find their fucking testicles. Some are drawing paralells between Matt Lauer Walter Cronkite. He just happened to be the first anchor on NBC to talk about the war on the day they decided that hiding behind the phrase "sectarian violence," which everyone with half a brain caught onto as a euphamisim for "civil war," was chickenshit. I wish I could hear what Hunter S. Thompson would say about all of this. Perhaps I have that thought too much.

More recently, the Iraq Study Group released its finding. In my admittedly less than expert grasp of the facts, I agree with more or less all of the things they said. And you could smell the bullshit on Bush's breath even through the TV screen when he talked about how he "welcomed" this report. ugh.

Missed Boston Legal last night but I downloaded it today. Quite simply the combination of courtroom drama and expertly crafted absurdity we've come to expect from the series. That Brad and Jeffery's animosity for each other contributed to a win for a client was an especially nice touch.

I'll admit to having wanted to see Shirley as a different sort of bunny.

I'd write more, but I've a stiff neck that I can't quite explain and I think I really ought to introduce it to a pillow. Meanwhile, will somebody please join Cooper over on the latest And Then What Happened thread? She did say she didn't want to be the only one writing...


  1. Yes I agree with everything you said except for seeing Candice in another
    type of bunny suit. Does nothing for me

    Will join Cooper--do take orders too well

  2. Happy to see you are catching up on the news. ;)

    I still haven't seen it but hope to later this weekend when I am not so busy.

    Yea, someone needs to join me over there, I was sticking out like a sore thumb.

  3. Bunny suit? I see I am missing out! Loverboy downloaded all the episodes of Prison Break and it has proved entertaining and being the freaks that we are we are stuck on watching them back to back until we are all caught up... that or he is simply obliging his OCDish-everything-must-be-done-in-order-dammit wife! So BL has been downloaded but is very temporarily on hold!

    As for the political stuff... you know I agree... and have nothing to add because you simply said it brilliantly!

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