Local Politics, Nausea, and Redundancy

Liberals all over the country will rally to the polls tommorrow, eager to throw off the shackles of the New Right's regime. I will go knowing full well that my vote will mean jack shit towards that goal.

I'm a Massachusetts liberal. Also a civil libertarian, an environmentalist, maybe even a quasi-socialist (in the modern European/Canadian sense), and (in principle though with full understanding of its impracticality) something of an anarchist. Ok so my political views don't really fit into a category, but if you look at my voting record I'm easily labeled. So in the eyes of most everybody outside my home state, and some in it, I'm a Massachusetts liberal.

I'm fine with that label.

Except that around here the Democrats are so entrenched in Congress, and in the State House (excluding the governorship) that political discussion might as well be academic, save for a few issues. We came first in this country with gay marriage, thank you very much, but the carpetbagging Mormon in office has had it out for the practice ever since its inception here. Mostly so that he could get street cred for his Presidential bid; dragging the names of the citizens of Massachusetts through the mud as he does so. He exploited a law from 1913 that was intended to prevent interracial marriages to keep same sex couples from out of state from marrying here. Said he didn't want to turn Massachusetts into the Las Vegas of gay marriage. This from an alleged fiscal-minded politician. Shit, tell me you don't want a piece of that business and I will call you a liar to your face.

So there's been some sparks flying there. But that's died down of late. You know what people are talking about now?

Whether or not grocery stores should be allowed to sell wine.

Liquor stores have a virtual monopoly hereabouts, and as soon as a referendum comes up challenging it, we get ads about how it'll magically cause underage drinking and drunk driving. (MADD has no problem with the measure by the way). The funding for the ads? All of it from the liquor store lobby.

Ok so there's some serious bullshit there. BUT THAT'S WHAT MOST OF THE FUCKING POLITICAL ADS HERE ARE CENTERING ON OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER. It's the ONLY refferendum question here that's getting ANY ink.

Question #2 would allow third parties to give their endorsement to candidates already representing a party. I'm only just now finding out about it and I've been doing a fair amount of research. It would allow the third parties to matter aside from their roles in the gubenatorial debates. Remember what I said about political complacency in this town? Yeah, I think this would give it a shake. It's one of the most important referrendum questions I've seen. AND HARDLY ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT

But question one is getting more airtime than the tightly contested governor's race between what may be the best Democratic hope for the corner office since Dukakis fell to George the First. While Bill Weld was a decent governor (he was a conservative, but he was the tolerable, libertarian kind), ever since he left the state has been in a downward spiral. The Republican vying for the spot this time is a frigid cuntrag who reminds me of Ann Coulter.

So I'm going to go into the voting booth this November 7th, but great thundering fuck will I resent the experience.

All that aside?

Cowgirl is back!

Shayna is showing!

Mimey is partying!

I'm all out of exclaimations other than Holy fucking god damn is it late! Or... early!

I'll see you all later


  1. What? you can only buy alcohol at an alcohol shop? Weird. It's pretty hard to find a shop that doesn't sell alcohol here.

    Shoe shops don't.

    Nor do carpet shops.

    I hear what you're saying about political leanings and the sad effort to align yourself to a party. I've tried, lord knows i've tried, but they always go and spoil it in the end.

  2. what a shame that someone out there reminds you of ann coulter.

  3. I voted some weeks ago... they send you the absentee ballots early.. felt disheartening as it is mostly a vote for what is politically wiser than what I truly want as there is no chance in hell of...

    It is all, unfortunately, a sad game of propaganda and childish accusations and the scary thing is to see how easily the masses are swayed by pure and sheer fluff...