Thoughts on National Lesser of Two Evils Day

Well, the House is... I was going to say "ours," but as I've stated before, I'm not a registered Democrat.

Fuck it. It's ours.

It's been confiscated from a ruling body that has lost its touch with the voters. Lost touch with reality. I don't often do optimism here, unless it's hedged with cynicism, but again, fuck it. The House of Reps has been taken back for the politically aware; for those unable to settle for the status quo. That's my projection. It's been declared definitively for the Democrats--those projections have already stood up-- lets see if mine does.

Yes. I'm being generous. It's a testament to how fed up I've been for the last six fucking years. I remember when I thought that Gore had won, and later I remember my blood boiling as I heard Bush stumble through his innagural address as I was sitting in my friend John's room on a break from trying to compose a ska song--him on his epiphone faux-strat, me on my trumpet. This is the best I've felt about the political landscape since then.

The Senate? I've yet to hear it said one way or the other. As of now I'm holding out hope. Though I'm pissed at Joe Lieberman, who may have turned out to be the spoiler in all of this. Am I pissed because of his politics? Yes, but that's not the reason I am today. Am I pissed because he chose to run as an independant when he knew he couldn't make it as a Democrat? No. As an Independant, I can somewhat admire that. I'm pissed because he ran in the primary even though he knew he was going to lose and end up running on his own. It was an abuse of the process, and it had a negative effect on the Democratic Party's ability to nominate a suitable challenger.

UPDATE: ok, so nothing final, but I'm going to put the steady money on Montana and Virginia completing the coup.

I didn't want to be hounding over projections but late at night I had NOTHING BETTER TO DO. I did end up going for coffee, as usual, but I made a crucial miscalculation: I took the generosity of a barrista to be absolutely a good thing. I ordered a straight up espresso. Usually that means a shot, and that's what I was charged for, but I got an entire small cup filled to the brim with the stuff. This was at midnight. I'm STILL FUCKING WIRED.

I'm happy to say that Massachusetts has elected its first Democratic governor in 16 years, its first Black governor in its history. Congrats to Deval Patrick for running a pro-active campaign with no mudslinging, and most importantly defeating the ice-bitch-who-dropped-her-middle-name-which-she-had-used-when-

(the preceding device on loan--which is to say borrowed without permission but intended in admiriation--from Miz B. It's a lot of fun to use!)

Of course, even if the House and Senate are wrapped up, the latter of which can not be certified as of this writing, the job isn't done. This nation needs an unmistakable uptick in the next two years for this shit to stick. The Dems have spent the last 6 years saying that things would be better if they were in charge. It's time to deliver. And the buck does not stop at them, either. We need to keep watching, keep reading, keep petitioning, keep blogging, keep debating. And to for my projection to hold up; for the House or the Senate to truly be ours, we need to keep in touch with our representatives. These next two years may be the most important for this decade and the next one in American Politics. And it's up to all of us to make good on it.

I'm going to leave you all with a song that's playing in my head right now

Peace, all.

Call the field to rest; and let's away,
To part the glories of this happy day.


  1. was thinking about how you went through your entire adolcscence in this mess--kind of like mine was during Nixon years

    And did my first podcast in honor of the Dem's taking the house

    Except for Boston and integration, your state always does the right thing--almost--did have all the crazy Kennedy's but....

  2. I'm impressed that you have been fed up since you were fourteen wombat.

    I was at a bar... drinking coffee though, because I had to work today.

  3. It sounds like a great result; I'm just sorry that the US political system baffles me so much I can't really make out what the implications are - probably the UK system seems just as strange to you!

  4. it's ours again.
    now it's time to clean up the mess the last squatters left.

  5. Pia: Well we're out of it now is what matters. Well, almost. Then again, Nixon paved the way for Bush. Maybe we can kick that shit permanently

    Cooper: Well I was at an all boys school so my mind was on politics more than on more healthy topics.

    Orange Anubis: Basically what it means is that George Bush no longer has the power to dictate policy. That's the short of it

    jromer: Love the imagery. Perfect, in fact.

    Vesper: Glad you came by and joined in the revelry.

  6. wow, so much has happened since last I commented here. Both houses, I ran into an old lover and lived to laugh

    Cooper's comments are messed up

    But yes, a new day is coming. The country might be ours again

    And being fed up since fourteen is a very good thing---one day it will all become part of a giant great jumble

    I haven't felt high on life in a hell of a long time

  7. Very eloquently said, Wombat (heh, no I'm actually not being facitious, I count the f bomb among your eloquence). This is a time for positive change.

    And a time to party - so make sure you swing by my 11-11 bash! (would you please pass the word along to our dear friend Cooper, for some reason her page won't load for me).

  8. pia: And that was a beautiful post over there.

    I know what you mean. That felt awesome

    Sar: heh. You get me.

    I'll spread the word.

  9. Ha, ha, haaa! Cooper got my comment dammit! But she said it brilliantly so I will ditto her! Well, about the age, not the coffee... I don't like coffee...

    Are you not too young to not be optimistic? Or perhaps it is a delusion that comes with age? Hmmm... ;-)

    And I LOVED the hyphenated talk! LOVED IT I TELL YOU!!! Loverboy, of the you-sometimes-just-hyphenate-too-often-BoheMiabut-I-just-can't-help-it-dammit fame, would roll his eyes at me but secretly love it! FO SHO!

    See? You got yourself some boho energy in hiding! Who'd a thunk it! ;-)

  10. Lol...yeah...with those two independents in the Senate, Sanders the Socialist and Leiberman the Conservative Liberal, lol...majority? Who cares? We're in for one hell of a ride. Yeah...hid out from the political shit that night.