I thought I'd posted earlier...

I saw Jet Li's Fearless on Saturday. 'Twas a hell of a flick. How often do you get to see Jet Li fight a boxer, a fencer, a pikeman, a grotesquely huge non-fake professional wrestler and a samurai? Beautiful cinematography as well, though not quite so orgasmic as that of Hero, which I recall Vesper giving a positive review. Speaking of Vesper, she's just posted hot pics of her as a vampire. Should not need to tell you to check that out.

Speaking of other bloggers, Sammy has re-emerged, and is moreover engaged (!) Congrats to her and Mark. Good, luck, you crazy kids (says the dude who is a year younger than Sammy). Another Oxford, Ohio native has posted today as well.

Pia is back for today, with a fiction exercise. Need I say more? read, damn it.

oh, and everything at JunkFunnel Labs is awesome, especially the Suspicious Looking Device. I want one

Boston Legal will be on soon, and I'll no doubt have something to say about it soon afterwards, so if that's your kind of thing you know where to find me


  1. cooper10:35 PM

    I get to wastch BL tonight. Yeah.

  2. Mark has been talking about that movie forever! I will have to take him to see it. And thanks mucho for the shout out. I always feel crapy coming back after a three month hiatus... but sometimes you just need a break.

  3. Oooh! BL! So if y'all watch it on Tuesday then today is my day! Shhhh!

  4. Thanks--and posted a fiction/picture post

  5. I am anxiously (and by anxiously, I actually mean if you don't hurry up I may hurt you) awaiting your Boston Legal 1500 word recap.


    p.s No, really, I am.

  6. Really liked this week's BL

    We have to have a rock history lesson

    Nirvana's rep grew over the years. The Foo Fighters began as one of the post punk groups----used to play at Irving Plaza--a great venue, now gone

    Can remember the ads like yesterday in the Voice when it was a paper worth reading--played with the Dead Kennedy's a lot---hey I didn't name them :-)

    Nirvana was for the masses, the Foo Fighters weren't--and didn't play off indidivdual stardom--at least in the beginning

  7. Cooper: Lovely, I hope you knew that you were posting while it was on.

    Sammy: You should totally go see it. And yeah I can see why you'd want to take a break. I mean you've been busy...

    Miz B: Part of the reason why I didn't do a snap review

    Daniellle: If you're willing to cross an ocean and a continent to hurt me then I'd have to admire that. I will write one soonish though but you must understand my net access has been spotty.

    Pia: Ah, but Dave Grohl was on the cover of the Rolling Stone when the first Foo Fighters album was released. None of the rest of the band was, it should be noted.

    Nirvana was embraced by the masses, but they weren't concieved for them. In fact, they mocked the masses who'd come to embrace them in their first LP

    He's the one
    He likes all our pretty songs
    and he likes to sing along
    and he likes to shoot his guns
    but he don't know what it means

    I can't claim to know anything about their place among post-punk bands... I've been meaning to get into Joy Division but haven't.

  8. cooper12:23 AM

    yes dear wombat i knew
    i can multi- task with the best of them

  9. pah. and i owe you something big time. sorry for the delay, dear wombat. xx.

  10. thanks for the mention!