Wombats do it Esoterically

In case that happens to mean anything.

was talking to Jason earlier. He did something random for the weekend and I figured I'd run with that idea.

Found a forum with a bunch of those "do it" jokes and I thought I'd share

Apparently there are some fairly obvious ones that no one has done yet. For instance I have yet to see

Punk rockers do it themselves.

Geeks do in strange ways that no one of normal mind would think of, and sometimes while wearing costumes

Method actors do it under false pretenses

Gamers do it while caffeinated

Quantum physicists do it, in theory (and for that matter, Schrodinger's Cat does it in a box, if he's alive that is)

Bob Barker does it if the price is right

Lawyers do it for 500 dollars an hour

Chuck Norris does it in a way that is totally blown out of proportion by too many people on the Internet I mean seriously Bruce Lee was at least twenty billion times more badass than that brain-dead karate chopping badge wearing motherfucker (see previous post).

Feel free to leave any ones you come up with in the comments if you like.

Also: And let me preface this by saying that it's probably an awful thing to say....

Consider this. In boxing, a punch to the back of the head, just below where the spine meets the skull, is called a rabbit punch. The same punch, if delivered during sex, is called a donkey punch. Since rabbits are more often associated with sex than donkeys, shouldn't the two be reversed?

A Note: Neither Ramblings of an Idle Insomniac nor its host nor its affiliates condone the practices of rabbit/donkey punching. Do not do this at home, in the boxing ring, in your office, in the library, in an alley, in an airplane bathroom, in the car, underneath a waterfall, etc. as it can cause damage to the brain stem and also everyone will know you thereafter to be a jerk. Also the supposed perks to the practice are a myth, unless the person you happen to be having sex/boxing with is Ann Coulter. And dear god do I hope it's the latter.

OK, so I'll catch you all later if you don't hate me now. Peace


  1. cooper1:36 AM

    Well, I kind of hate you, but you are so right about the punk rockers............and the physicists. ;)

  2. hemorrhoids aer in one's ass
    but asteroids are in the galaxy
    proctologists are ass doctors
    but astronauts explore the universe...

    yup, kind of like that.

    i don't hate you.

  3. it's late. i meant 'are.' not 'aer.'

  4. Thank the heavens you advised against rabbit/donkeying. I am easily led, y'know.

  5. Could never hate you--you're a Wombat and an estoric one at that

    Too early to be clever

    Some bloggers just do it, other bloggers do it to be vile

  6. Cooper: I was afraid you would. :(

    Jrhomer: yay! not hated!

    JvS: well I have no doubt you can find other, more creative ways of torment.

    Pia: I was trying to think of one for bloggers but none were as good as that one. Glad you don't hate me

  7. I have nothing...

    a little different post for the Wombat... :)

  8. hmmm...just ventured over...i dunno...i don't hate you...

  9. LMFAO!!!! When I began reading this I was wondering if you would get Ann Coulter into this post! AND OU DID!!!!! Very nice!!!!!!!!!ROTFLMAO

    By the way my xxhaqxx was hijacked months ago.. I am back to candi2059..

  10. Heh.

    Who could hate a Wombat?

    See. Random is fun.

  11. Misanthropes do it alone.