Yes, I know it's late

It just so happens that every time I've sat down to blog in the last five days I've been called out into the real world. Not a usual occurance. So. Boston Legal.

If you've been following the series like I have, there's something very significant to note about the way the plots have been constructed this time around. Previously, story arcs would more or less resolve in a single episode, with a single persistent arc that would run for longer. This was in sharp contrast with the formula for The Practice, in which the norm was a three episode length for story arcs, and three story arcs going at once, staggered so that there would be one in each stage at any given time. So far this season, the premeir notwithstanding, there have been two long-running story arcs that have yet to resolve: Denny and Bethany, and the murder trial. And each episode has had a oneshot involving Alan Shore. Though this latest one has triggered another storyline that's been lying dormant.

Alan Shore hit on Shirly the first time he met her. And it's been revisited all throughout the series. Some of the greatest moments in the show have come from either Alan or Denny hitting on Shirley, actually.

Shirley? What about senior partners? There would be nothing wrong with me, lusting, say, after... you? Would there?

Go subscribe to National Geographic. Make a list of the places you'll never get to visit. Add to that list, Schmidt.

Shirley has flirted back, and indeed even kissed Denny in the last episode of the second season, but she's been more or less dismissive until now. And for the first time, Denny feels threatened. I can't wait for what's next.

And for the record, I so called that Denny would be into dwarves. Though now that I look at that sentence it doesn't seem to be that big a prediction. But I've been waiting to see Denny in the courtroom. It's been three episodes and he hasn't said his own name once, God damnit.

This past episode also marked the time when I officially began to like Jeffrey Coho. And I found out where I'd seen him before. Remember the photographer from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Same dude. If you haven't seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I have nothing to offer, except... seriously watch it. I mean it. Geez!

The third season has been getting progressively better. I never for a second stopped loving it, but it's refreshing to see any suspiscion of a decline erased before me.

Can't wait for Tuesday. But, well, that's not anything new.


  1. *eh hem* mememememe....

    Denny Crane - Dwarf Lover.

    Feel better now, EW? ;)

    Loving this season of BL as well.

  2. Hey I get to talk about my fridge for midgets without feeling any guilt.

    And yes, I feel a romance coming Shiley's way