Dragging my ass back into circulation

I think I've gotten about 2 night's sleep in the past week. I may have finally erased that sleep debt but we'll see.

Finished up with bartending class for the most part. Just one alcohol awareness next Friday, and that's not even required, strictly speaking. It'll give me favorable status so I'm going for it, but I am going to start the hunt before then. On Monday I get the referral list. My teacher was singing my praises so I hope I can turn that into some cold, hard cash. For one of the last classes we had to come up with a flavored martini and name it. Here's my creation:

2 1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz amaretto

shaken over ice, strained into a chilled martini glass, then topped off with a splash of bitters.

It's called an arsenic, and it looks really cool in a glass but I've no other clues about it because we didn't make them with actual booze at school. It gets it's name because a drink laced with arsenic will taste a bit like bitter almonds, amaretto being an almond-flavored liqueur. I'm not quite sure who would order a drink with a name like that, but it'd be funny as hell to have it sent to someone.

Jason's been putting out excellent stuff lately. His last post makes it near the top of "damn I wish I'd written that" list. It should be required reading, to borrow a phrase from Pia, who herself has put forth a gem after some cheerful exploitation of an infamous conversation between myself and Cooper of Wonderland (or, you know, Not).

Unintentionally broke a promise I made to no one in particular. One thing I keep forgetting is that one of the prime bullshit assumptions in life, right up there with thinking that no one will find out, is that any given thing is over. Which isn't to say anything negative came of it. Just wish I'd have prepared.

Why yes, I am being cryptic. Thanks for noticing.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. MIZ BOHEMIA IN THE FLESH ON YOUTUBE! And unlike me, she's appearing as herself! I may have to straight-out steal this idea so sorry in advance if I do, Miz. Especially since audioblogger is going belly-up in November.

Is that it? I think so. If not, you'll hear from me again. Soon. I need to get back on this. Though I can tell you this much. When I land a bartending gig I will likely post after each shift for a while.


  1. Hmmm an arsenic martini... well, I do love amaretto... you didn't even get to taste? :)

    Good-Luck with the last class on Friday! :)

  2. I was hoping for a drink named cooper. ;)

    jason's stuff has been excellent lately.

    Shake those martini's wombat.

  3. i would love to send a particular someone an arsenic potion. the real thing, that is.

    but going back to your post, i love amaretto and would probably be all over your concoction even if i have low tolerance for liquor.

    p.s. "be all over your concoction" sounds like i'm coming on to you, doesn't it? heh.

  4. Shayna: Wasn't real booze in the glass. Otherwise it would cost a hell of a lot more to go to the classes.


    Cooper: Don't worry, I'll get to it. I already know the base though. But you know like I do that Sapphire doesn't mix easy.

    {illyria}: Well, I don't think I'm going to be able to deliver it personally just now.

    p.s.: yeah. Would even if you didn't have that homophone action going on there... homophone action... shit that sounds dirty too.

  5. Lol, yeah, gotta love MizB's first foray into the world of YouTube testimonials. I love it!

    And, well, an Arsenic sounds good right about now.

  6. best of luck with the bartending gig.
    and i love your arsenic drink.
    think i'll make one for myself later.
    patent it and put your picture next to it on a business card...

    yes! and put yourself up on youtube! why not?

  7. Jason: For you or someone else?

    Jromer: Hmm... maybe I should. Do tell me if you do and like it.


    I have had a glimpse of you and want mucho mas! FO SHO!

    Jason, Pia, Coop... love 'em all but gotta add you, oh esoteric one, to the list of brilliance I tell you!

    Cryptic? You make it cool...

  9. Anonymous8:52 PM

    oh oh mizzy b I hae to keep reminding everyone that i found him first.

    Anyhoo....yu are not exactly back in circulation you haven't posted since the 21st.

  10. Easy to discern who Anonymous is

    How do you know how a drink tastes without alochol?

    Abd believe you should name a drink after each of us.

    Just invented one for Jason--not saying the ingredients but goes with the tenor of his recent posts