And now a recap of the days I've been MIA, brought to you by, I'm not getting any fucking sleep tonight-vision.

Let's pick up where we left off, shall we?

on Thursday I was thumbing through the monthly catalogue from Daddy's Junky Music. It spoke of a ridiculous warehouse sale.

Just then my brother walked by, saying something to the tune of, "is there anything in there that I can get for three hundred bucks? You know, double what you paid for your guitar?" Normally I'd have retorted, but I happened to be looking at something that demanded a different course of action. I stuck the page I was on in his face. I may have knelt on his throat... I'm not sure. Suffice to say I made it very clear that he was purchasing this item, marked down to $300 exactly from the list price of $837. By evening I was trying it out for him (because I had yet to get him to successfully strike a chord on my guitar... yeah don't ask), and eventually it made it home.

The item in question? A 1967 limited edition Epiphone Flying V. It's a scientific fact that when you play such an instrument, you are surrounded by an AURA OF PURE AWESOME. Later on I will provide photographic proof of this.

That guitar is a work of art, and the sound is sooooooooo sweet. This is, after all, one of the guitar models Jimi Hendrix used. I've informed my sibling that he is bound, out of respect for his sexy piece of axe, to learn how to play it in a manner that does it justice.

Ok, so on to Friday, which was, as we know, a Judas Priest Friday as well as Friday the Thirteenth. I got a call from my buddy Josh, inviting me to a special showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Ranolph Country Club, put on by a friend of his who's a member of Harvard Square's Full Body Cast. He told us that we could get in for free if we got in at 9:30 and helped out with some shit backstage. (there was something he didn't tell us but more on that later) For those of you who don't know, when you see a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, there is a live cast acting along with the movie. The casts, naturally, tend to be made up of extremely odd people. In other words, my sort of people. One of them actually appears in Something Positive as the basis for a minor character. I was there with Randy Milholland, the creator of said comic when she first performed with the cast. She insisted on his presence and he didn't want to go alone so he called out to his readers to go with him. Dude's great to hang around. Of course, both of those things are hard to bring up in a conversation, and I didn't try.


As we pulled up to the Randolph Country Club, I noticed that there was a rainbow on the sign. The first song that we noticed playing over the speakers was J-Lo I think. We went backstage and chilled for a bit, and Josh told me he was going to get a drink. He came back with a Grape Crush, in his hand, commenting briefly on its unusually high alcohol content. He then said

"By the way, did you know that we're in a gay bar?"
"Uh, yeah."
"There was a rainbow on the sign and if you turn to the screen you'll see a music vid remix with dudes kissing cut into it"
"Oh, so there is."
"Also, they're showing Rocky here"
"So what tipped you off?"
"The bartender is a very convincing drag queen named Alexis and I think she has the hots for me"
"That'll do it."

Later on, his drinks were comped.

Incidentally, it wasn't explained to the audience that people were supposed to get up into the aisles and dance during the Time Warp, so as it stood, there were only three of us doing it, and we were all friends of cast. So we were up and shaking it while everyone else watched. In a gay bar.

Fun times.

It was cool to be in league with those putting it on for a change. And actually Josh says that between him and his friend he could probably get me on the cast as an alternate Riff Raff if I wanted, and I'm thinking about it.

Trying to remember if I did anything worth noting on Saturday and Sunday... I mean I did watch a lot of The Sheild, but that hardly counts. Great show though. the main character is similar in many ways to Alan Shore, only a complete badass, and a cop. And I told my family not to get me addicted to any more shows... damn it.

As for yesterday, I had class. See, since last we met, I've enrolled in Boston Bartending School. In a week's time I'll be a professionally trained bartender. (woo!) The odd thing is that even though I was the youngest there, with only one classmate within a decade of me, and at least one who had worked behind a bar before, there was shit I knew right off the bat that had others scratching there heads such as, for instance, the classification of Guiness as a beer (stout), what Jameson is (Irish whiskey)... there were other things but to be honest my memory is skipping a groove.

Which probably means that I'm going to need some caffeine or something.

Anyways, later all.


  1. I think you should buy a Moog. :)

  2. ha ha

    Sounds like my kind of night. When I'm in one of my stronger moods anyway.

    Wombat the ba tenda isn't that how they say it in Baa ston???


    I went to a live screening of RH once in NY and once on Baltimore- two of the freakiest nights of my life.

  3. The guitar has excited me. I think it's against the law (over here at least) to own a glowing instrument like that and not play it to the best of human ability. I believe daily beatings can encourage reluctant players to show more devotion.

    And Rocky sounds like a lot of fun. I was very fond of the film (and live show) in my mid-teens, and rewatched it a couple of weeks ago. I was shocked for my teen self. There were a few slight references to sex!!! I'd love to remember what my teen self made of it all, I'm sure I was more innocent than that.

    Sorry for the long comment. Epiphone made me do it. Such a beautiful word :-)

  4. Bartending brings in serious money... my brother tended bar back in college and made a pretty penny... now he gambles and makes a pretty penny...

    Oooh! I would jump at the chance to be a part of the show... sounds like fun! I say go for it and then post a little something for us all to see! *hint, hint*


  5. I am not getting any sleep either... ahhhhh! It always leads to great writing.

  6. anomie: maybe when I get the hang of my current axe. they are pretty awesome

    Cooper: More like bahtendah. As in "Hey Bahtendah! This Mahtini is wicked pissah!

    I've had freakier nights than Rocky but I love it just the same

    JVS: It needs not be on the books for it to be law. It is a matter of natural law; a fundamental expectation one holds for his fellow human beings


    You don't need to apologize for putting words here. I like at least 90% of your words as a general rule.

    Miz B: My buddy is working at an upscale Italian joint and he makes hella bank.

    I have no doubt that you'll be able to find a San Fransisco cast that would have you. You'd make a great Magenta I think.

    Sam: It often does, doesn't it? too bad it's not a state one can sustain for very long while retaining the ability to write

  7. i still owe you that something and i still haven't gotten around to doing it. i've been through trying times as of late--personal stuff--but will get around to writing the thing because it looks like heaps of fun.

    as for bartending, i'm sure you'd be pretty smashing. you have what it takes to out-talk the bottle, if you know what i mean. :)

  8. Okay... I'll try this again after the third time trying to comment...

    I will need a bartender handy with an ameretto sour ready after I give birth in May... I promise to leave a good tip... so make it a stout one! :)

  9. {illyria}: Don't worry about it. Can't expect blog stuff to come before personal stuff.

    A bottle can be pretty loud. Then again, so can I ^_^ Thanks much.

    Shayna: Well, your due date is quite near my 21st birthday. As such it wouldn't be entirely improbable if I were to wake up and find myself in some cut-rate hotel in your neck of the woods around that time as I have friends with a prediliction for road trips and random behavior. If that happens I can make a promise. Otherwise, I'll see what I can do. But either way part of the deal is that we take the stage as soon after as you're able =P