This that, and Boston Legal

So I was in town a couple of days ago. Walking through Boston Commons in my trench coat, dark teal khakis, and dark red button-up shirt, sporting a 1 week beard that I've since shaved. I found myself walking towards a man about 5-10 years older than me only a bit shorter than me, hair just as long, same facial hair, same coat, pants and shirt the same style only two tones darker. He was even wearing a laptop bag that he was using to carry other shit, just like me. Our eyes met at a sort of a glare for a moment as we crossed paths.

The next day it was colder out and I found myself in the same place. Crossed paths with the same man. Only he'd ditched the coat and he was wearing a backpack. I'm fully prepared to assert that I scared him off my style.

I am a hipster badass.

I'm looking around for bartending jobs. I've got my eye on two in particular. One is at an upscale Italian restaurant, another at a martini bar in my hometown. And of course my blood dictates that I apply at each of the several dozen Irish pubs within walking distance =P

Another drink recipie of my design. This one's called a Smirking Revenge

1/2 oz each of vodka, Irish whiskey, and Jager
fill in an iced (and thoroughly chilled--it's best served cold, dontcha know) highball glass with equal parts cranberry and sour mix
lace sweet vermouth

May be subject to change, but that's what I've got now.

Barack Obama is thinking of running.

I'm going to clue you all in on two things, in case you haven't noticed

One: The main reason everyone, myself included, loved him in 04 is that his charisma was in such sharp contrast with John Kerry's.

Two: The concept of him as a candidate is the flip side of the coin John McCain has been sitting on ever since he didn't win the primary in 2000. The concept of such a mainstream candidate is far more enticing than either would offer in practice. It's no wonder as soon as the two of them started working together in the Senate they found themselves in a pissing match. Fuck that shit.

Anyways, he's said that religion belongs in the presidential discourse, remember? Because that's done such fucking great things for our country. To his credit, at least in comparison with the fucker on the other side of the metal disc, he never appeared with Falwell.

I think that if Gore ran a real campaign with a real platform he'd be good for the country. Failing that, give me anyone smart, charismatic, and relentless with a solid populist platform who isn't Hillary. Not voting for an elephant in donkey's closing. Also not voting for a jackass.

Of course that's getting ahead of ourselves. We've got a national election, some shit in need of repair, and in the words of Tool, the only way to fix it is to flush it all away.


I think we need to start at the ending for this one. HOLY FUCK I DIDN'T THINK THEY'D DO THAT ON BROADCAST TV. I had a feeling that it was the mother all along, and I thought that her breakdown on the stand was convincing. What troubles me is that it would have been utterly hot if we hadn't been told that they were mother and son. I half expected the doors to open with them still all tongues going at it.

That whole story arc was excellent. Characters, writing, execution, all tight. But I think I could do without Coho next episode. I'm not saying I want him gone, but if he was to make the same sort of appearance that Brad Chase did in this one then I'd be fine.

Sally Heep-- I think every dude has run into one female who goes castrato on them like that. I know I have. One in particular who'd slap my ass and hold the door for me. And threaten violence if I made any gentlemanly gesture. The fact that she was a full foot shorter than me made this all hilarious.

Where was I? Oh yes. I was glad to see her back-- less glad to see her in Brad's arms post-coitus, but then again that dude deserved a break. Wonder if he knew that Alan got to her first though. She's a predator now, and it's damned sexy. I look forward to seeing her in court more.

Shirley wasn't in this one, now that I think of it which is a bit of a pox on it. It kinda seems like there are too many characters to manage now. I hope I'm proved wrong.

And now off to bed.



  1. I love the story about your doppelganger. That town aint big enough for the both of you, eh? Glad you won ;-) It probably means something really important, but I'm not qualified to say what. Good luck with the jobs. May paid employment bring you fulfillment and artisstic opportunity.

    And can I suggest, while I'm here, that this week might be a good one for going public if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge*

  2. cooper11:47 AM

    You is a bad ass Wombat. Congratulations on the victorious.

    I remember what Obama said, and the fact is that he said it belongs in the discourse not in the policy.

    I am agnostic, as you know, but understanding that a good percentage of this country is Christian - and not crazy whoa fucking Christian but just regular old I want to keep my religion to myself Christian - and that last time around the derision - some of the extreme left wing dems - exhibited toward those same Christians ( I think) is what gave Bush the election. It wasn't the crazy right wing evangelicals that won that election it was those undecided middle of the road Christians who did not appreciate the derisive attitude and did not realize what they had to lose.
    They realize it now of course..

    Again, Obama - many questions outside his box of charisma – still to be answered.

    My spreadsheet is open and includes Hilary.

    I agree with you on too many characters despite the fact that they seem to be able to develop them fairly completely in such a short time.

    Nice to know you are find predators sexy.

  3. Mimey: Sure wouldn't mind if it did.

    Also, yes, that sounds about right and I'm sorry I've been slacking

    Cooper: Religion is irrelevant to presidential politics. That's the only thing that Democratic candidates should say about religion in general when it comes up. They should say that the only relevence it has in the matter is artificially injected by a vocal minority of zealots. The point of the matter is whenever a candidate embraces it it is ALWAYS skewed from one direction or another and it's ALWAYS divisive. If someone's in a religious minority they're expected to shrug it off. If Kennedy hadn't disavowed his Catholicism, he wouldn't have been elected.

    If religion is a part of the presidential discourse it becomes an election issue and if it becomes an election issue it becomes policy. and that's horseshit.

    My fuck yous only go out to the crazy right. I have nothing against Christianity at large. By all accounts, and I mean historical not cannonical, Christ was a hell of a guy even if he wasn't the son of God, and the world was better for him. But he doesn't belong on the campaign trail.

    I mean, as things are, what chance does an athiest or agnostic have of getting elected nationally? None. Is that reflective of a working system?

    Some predators are inescapably sexy. Sally Heep was one, Marlene Stanger was another.

  4. after seeing Al Gore's movie on global warming, I don't expect him to ever win, mainly because while I find myself agreeing with him wholeheartedly, he goes about it the wrong way. Namely, one of his staffers should've told him to leave out his personal life in the movie, he comes off smarmy, much like he did when he ran for president, as well as Kerry. I think there needs to be a unknown who rises up and firmly believes the stuff they're saying. I'm not convinced Kerry or Gore believed everything they said.

    also, some would argue there is very little different between most of the politicians in both parties. The loudest voices are the most extreme voices, on both sides, and they create the idea that parties need to hold the line.

    gotta love it.

  5. The kiss--gross, but...was thinking the same things about too many characters

    Loved the whole Spader/girl sex thing though I saw it coming the first time she got out of bed.

    Alan Shore and James Spader reach that part of middle age....

    For once have to disagree with Cooper. Have met too many bloggers who believe that this is a legally Christian country becaue they have been taught the First wrong.

    Hillary? will vote for her for senate, have no choice---want your senators, bur she has become too mainstream and hasn't done as much for NY as she claims to have

    If I were Hilary I would have been pounding at Bush's door for the 9/11 aid that didn't come for three years--in time for the RNC

    In many ways she is or could be the most powerful senator as she was the only one who was married to a president. Opens many doors. Many Senators would want to know how a president thinks and more

    Gore in 08---not as catchy as Gore in 04, but perhaps it's not meant to be catchy

  6. Oh you are the sweetest esoteric being I know and this bohemian just loooooves you to pieces!

    The kiss was typical David E. Kelley writing common of twists he used to use in the Practice... had never seen it in the US but, well, stuck in Spain and reruns being shown on BBC have proven entertaining... and the twist of accusing the mother of the murder and catching her by surprise was the very famous Plan B the lawyers on the Practice were famous for doing...

    ... so I kinda saw it coming...

    ... but it was brilliant nevertheless. I just love David E. Kelley...

    Yeah, thinking the same thing about the number of characters... I guess it expands their storyline scenarios and the like and can appeal to a wider audience, maybe, but I prefer fewer characters. It feels more intimate that way and the addition of these two new ones felt out of place so I am interested to see where they are going with it all...

    I, being in Spain, have not had the chance to truly follow Hilary's career and moves but I have always liked her... she has had the balls to not stand there in the background, smiling and waving away like a fucking Stepford wife and in spite of much criticism against her forges on ahead, is well spoken and intelligent and capable and, everytime I have seen her, has been unafraid to speak her mind.

    They had this thing on CBS morning news I believe and it was reported that Laura Bush has a 68% approval rating, 30 more than the fucker she is married to and that is mind boggling to me!!! I want to sucker punch that bitch's smile off her stupid, robot face!


    I cannot wait to come back and be knee-deep in it all!

    For now, I have mostly been following SF politics and admit to just loving Mayor Newsom and I shall be on a geeky, idiot high the day I get to vote for him, if he runs again...

    As for the upcoming voting, done... absentee ballot sent in so for now, I am good to go...

  7. Mick: I see your point, but Gore's gotten better at presenting himself in person. I think that he watered himself down too much in 2000. Don't think he'd have to this time around.

    Pia: We're in concordance. I want to say more but I think that says it all.

    Miz B: I was a big fan of The Practice back in the day, though I stopped watching when the original main character left the show. I'm trying to get my hands on the episodes featuring Alan Shore now. I saw everything coming but the kiss, and while I had the feeling it was coming when the door closed, I still wasn't quite ready for it.

    I have a number of specific beefs with Hillary. Pia touched on one of them. Another is her joining in the witch-hunt against video games, which she did without real knowledge of the subject matter, and almost undoubtedly intended on padding her family-friendly street cred. And I find it hard to support anyone who says that flag-burning should be illegal. And she was and is far too quiet about Iraq.

    I loved her as First Lady, and agreed with every single thing she did then. She was perhaps the greatest ever to hold the position. Laura Bush is a lobotomized smiling housewife in comparison, I agree. And if I thought that she'd be the same sort of politician as President as she was when she was First Lady then I'd vote for her in a heartbeat. But she's different now.

  8. That was very informative and very much appreciated as the Hilary I mostly know is First Lady Hilary and not Senator Hilary... good to know!

  9. PS!!! We just downloaded the Practice, season 8... Loverboy got it from Bit Torrent so give that a try!