Can't find my baby-- not having one, this might take a while

Ever have a powerful need to say something, and yet be absolutely fucking clueless when you open your mouth/put your fingers to the keyboard/uncap your pen/etc?

Yeah that's what's happening here

Well now, it's three o'clock in the morning
And I can't even close my eyes.
Three o'clock in the morning
And I can't even close my eyes.
Can't find my baby
And I can't be satisfied.

It looks like in spite of everyone who sought to discredit Michael J Fox under the sobriquet jaune of Missourians Against Human Cloning, the day will be won by people who think with their heads on, barring any bombshell. And apparently Kurt Warner and Jeff Suppan were sought out by the guy who starred in The Passion. If he appears in an ad as Jesus, entreating voters to strike down stem cell research I am going to flip a shit.

I've looked all around me
And my baby, she can't be found.
I've looked all around me, people,
And my baby, she can't be found.
You know if I don't find my baby,
People, I'm going down to the golden ground.

went to a hardcore show the other night that one of my coffee buddies was playing in. Telecaster with 12-guages tuned down to A#-- sounded like a low-carb armageddon. The entire band showed up wearing nothing but jeans. It was a Halloween party-type event, and they were dressed up as a concept. Premature ejaculation. They came in their pants. It was a good show, but god damn I wish someone would learn that you need a microphone amp that can carry voice over the sound of the guitars. It's hard enough to make out the lyrics as it is, fuckers!
Tommorrow begins round 2 of Operation: convince a bar to pay me to mix the booze. The last place I checked out gave me this questionnaire about what my personal feelings were on restaurants.

I am afraid that I may have lost some of my bullshitting prowess for questions like those.

Went to a wake tonight and I could have sworn there was a middle aged man in a sport coat and a red turtleneck glaring at me. He held his hands in fists by his gut. I'm not even sure I want to know what that shit was all about.

Goodbye everybody,
I believe this is the end.
Oh, goodbye everybody,
I believe this is the end.
I want you to tell my baby,
Tell her please, please forgive me,
Forgive me for my sins

Once again I've shamelessly stolen Cooper's blogging device. I think it suits blues better than anything else because the tracts of text occupy the space normally taken up by a guitar solo. Which makes this bit here the outro, I guess. Three O Clock Blues is, of course, a standard. But there is absolutely no question as to who does it best. Check out the version Eric Clapton and BB King played on "Ridin' with the King." Fucking sweet.

my posts lately have ended with me going to bed, and this will not be an exception. I guess it's fitting with the overall theme here. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make here is that my eyes are drooping and I'm about to stumble into my bed. Miz B, you've got literally two minutes to catch this one of the wire if the recent late night/early morning exchange is to take place tonight. Just saying.

And yeah I'm not quite sure why I put that title up there I just sorta went with it.



  1. Noticed that you took from Cooper, but you have different styles, sorta

    A questionaire about what you like about restaurants?

    Wonderful new? sidebar though I think even Washington....

    And can see Jim whatever his name is doing the Jesus thing

    Think Patrica Heaton is an excepetionally talented physical comedian but what she said was so off, don't know if I can separate the actress from the person

  2. cooper11:29 AM

    bless b b

    i kind of like it your way

    luck with the bahs - cuz I know you'll be a spectacula bah tenda

    this aim babay was sleeping. ;)

  3. Seems I missed you amigo mio... hope it was a nighty night type of momentous sleep...

    At my first job ever, Jay Jacobs clothing store in Kirkland, WA, I was asked if I could be a cereal what kind of cereal would I be... I needed the job or else I would have asked her what kind she would prefer shoved up her ass!


    Yeah, don't have any babies yet... they shriek and poop and talk and talk and talk and talk... although their not sleeping would work with your insomniac ways...

    I don't like Patricia Heaton... I saw her on Bill O' Reilly, of all fucking places, and she was a total Republican-got-my-tits-done-anti-abortion-bullshit-spewing-plain-Jane-who-thinks-she's-hot-insult-to-real-women-everywhere giggling bimbo idiot... although she wasn't bad on the sitcom...

    Yeah, I can totally relate to that feeling... what? I know, I know, I'm all over the place... but I stumbled upon a competition for iFilm where you have two minutes to film something, anything, for the subject "Now What" and I was jazzed for a total crazy rant on this fucking place called España I seem to be stuck in and I was ready to roll asap and then Loverboy told me to wait until morning for daylight and better lighting and... and fuck it, I LOST IT ALL and the deadline is tomorrow so pfffft!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    Hey, can I have a drink? Wanna join me? ;-)

    Ooooh... if you have any ideas maybe we can do a collaboration of sorts... one minute you, one me and we can edit it together and voila! *sigh* Bohemians can dream can't they?

  4. So the title threw me for a loop... :)

    and what may I ask did you write on the restaurant questionare? :)

    Take Care and Good Luck with the job hunt, sweetie!

  5. three things:
    1) ending posts with a fitting conclusion to your day, such as, yes, going to bed, is a great segue to a new epiphany as any.

    2) bullshitting is liking riding a bike. you never forget how to ride it, though you have to start slow over the humpy parts.

    3) i don't know why you make rambling seem elegant. must be why you titled your blog as so. :)

    egad! did i just say "humpy?"

  6. He, he, heee! Yes you did! Humpy totally caught my attention... I like it... humpy.

  7. Pia: It's always hard. I'm sometimes able to seperate Tom Cruise the actor from Tom Cruise the Scientologist, until he does that thing where he overacts silently.

    Cooper: Thanks babes. Hope you slept well.

    Miz B: You have an extrordinary ability to bitch people the fuck out. Maybe we could do that in tandem for a couple of minutes...

    Shayna: Yeah, I figured it would but I left it up anyways because, you know...

    Thanks much

    {illyria}: awwwww... ^_^

    I've never gone over humpy parts on a bike but rest assured if I ever gave it a shot it would be slowly.

    Miz B: dontcha just love her?