It's only been Friday for three hours...

... And already it has the feel of another Fuck You Friday.

Let's start this action off with a big ol' FUCK YOU to every asshole who's towing the same bullshit line on Youtube in response to Michael J Fox. If you think you know more about the issue than a man who's devoted what remains of his life to it; whose life depends on it; and accuse him of ignorance or exploitation, you've lost your right to speak to me. Same goes if you'll oppose using leftover zygotes for research but won't oppose in vitro in general, which by way of its general operation creates thousands of zygotes that will go unused. It's the same issue. It's expending potential life to create actual life. Wrap your head around it or FUCK OFF. Kurt Warner gets a special dose of FUCK YOU. You can't see it Kurt, but in my head I'm remembering every time a Patriot linebacker took you down in Super Bowl XXXVI. And it's fucking sweet. Rush apologized, but then tried to backpedal and said that when he suggested that Fox was acting, he didn't mean to suggest he was faking it. If anyone can make sense of that you are my hero. As it turns out? Fox was too medicated.

Another goes out to this backward pigfucker from Wired who gets crotchety about people with big mp3 libraries and also about graphic novels as an artform. Sorry pal, Fuck you. It's been 15 years since Maus won a Pullitzer. Times have changed, and you're going to need to take a fucking long shower once you bring your head back into the daylight.

Donald Rumsfeld Tells War Critics To "Back Off" Guess what, asshole? You've earned your fucking microscope. You've spearheaded a war against a regime that YOU helped empower, out of supposed WMDs that he had at one point and we know he had them because YOU brokered the deal to put them there. So FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on.

Join in the festivities if you have someone or something to take a blast at. If I find more targets, this post will be lengthened. Happy Fuck You Friday, everyone!


  1. Oooh! I am giddy with delight at all this fucking I tell you! Fuck 'em all indeed! You know? You should SO tape this and let us watch you rip into these fucking assholes! Now THAT would be one helluva debut as your fabulous self and I want front row seats P-LEASE!

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM


    Dude, “There are many decaffeinated brands that taste just as good as the real thing…”

  3. Gotta stop going out with Joshie at twon in the mroning for coffee.

    Hope it was a fuck you Friday for you.

    I'm sure I could list a few but it's now Saturday - and just fuck Firday for letting that happen too.

  4. Yeah. Fuck Rush, fuck Ann Coulter, fuck Bill O'Rielly, fuck Mark Foley (nevermind), and fuck Bush. Whew, I'm all fucked out

  5. Miz B: Next time I bitch someone out I'll Youtube it then. Actually I think I'd have a lot of fun with that.

    anonymous: Man, who are you? FUCK DECAF

    Cooper: It was indeed. Fuck Sunday harder for giving way to Monday

    radioactv915: Yeah that's why I only do this every so often. It takes a lot of stamina