Tonight's post was going to be something poetic and, hopefully, beautiful. I was interrupted by this.

Yeah... I've lost the mood. I'm going to add a audiopost to this entry in the morning. It's too late to shout now. People are sleeping. You can expect me to be loud and long-winded and profane come tommorrow. I'd run out of things to say about politics but I can think of some now.

UPDATE 10/13
Ok so it turns out that my desire to shout had a lot to do with the caffeine in my system at the time and I may not podcast on the topic but god damn. Leave it to that pretzel gagging motherfucker to set us back 800 years.

There is a precedent of the ages, that it is the destiny of all tyrants to taste their own blood. This isn't about fate. It's about the will of the people, and the willpower of the people. We, the people, clearly lack one of the above, and it will either be seen in the eyes of future historians as a great shortcoming in the timeline of our nation or it will be forgotten as the history books are redacted of anything that can even be twisted to be seen as unpatriotic.

We must remove from office all who have been a part of this, and all who aquiesced.

and that is the task ahead of us in the next two years. Take back the country. Take back our liberty. Take back our dignity. Take back our honor. Take back our pride. And defenestrate all who would keep it from us.


  1. yeah , there is almost nothing to say when one brings that us because if we storm the steps of the capital.....well jail is a bitch I hear espeically if they don't let you call your lawyer.

  2. wow Wombat have never seen you this fired up

    Cooper is right. Was thinking last night being jailed for civil disobendience was almost the high point of chic, six years ago--and now it's back to the South 50's and 60's

    About those words--have to find them :-0

  3. Dammit! I cannot watch the video because my father is visiting with his family and too much attention would be brought my way with voices blaring from my laptop... oh well... can Ij ust drop by to say hello then? :-)

  4. oh from office, not from THE office, i thought this was the scream of an irritated pencil pusher. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and given the job of throwing idiots from windows you'd probably become one.

  5. just disgusting... slowly we are losing each bit of freedoms we have... yes, they all need to go... hopefully this Nov. will be the turning point...

  6. Cooper: Well then I guess if we storm the capital we'll have to keep lawyers on advance notice.

    Pia: Back then if you got jailed your story made it out. I guess we need to make sure we find a way around this

    Miz B: Hey, Chica. Good to know you're still kicking. Hope you're aiming them well ^_^

    JvS: Well, that's why I'd need someone I'd listen to to give me a quick smack if I go overboard.

    Shayna: Something's gotta give, no doubts there.