Morning Notes

I had to change the embed code yet again to the Clinton vid on the post below. It's been taken down from Youtube, and even on Google Video most of the feeds are gone. It should be noted, however, that Faux News didn't kill the feeds that were put up by those who responded favorably to Chris Wallace.

Boston Legal last night. I was apprehensive about the new characters when I first saw them. But now? I think I like them. As much as I didn't need to be reminded about the state of the American League East. And the new dude is going to provide an interesting dynamic, as he's infringing on the territory of Brad Chase and Alan Shore, and his appearance gives hope for the idea that we might see more cooperation between those two.

Oh. And also, Killer Rabbit Productions has put out another sketch. This one rose out of an utterly failed attempt to shoot a script that I wrote, due to the poor excecution of a certain member (who kept bugging me to turn the script in early I might add). We then ran with the theme of him ruining things. It can be found here. I'm not going to embed it because it's somewhat NSFW


  1. thanks for putting up the clinton video. i watched it with great satisfaction.

    they can delete all they want. we will always remember what we heard and saw.

  2. cooper11:28 AM

    Excellent- you are writing morning notes now. Progress.

    I didn't see the Clintin vid.

    Is the you tube supposed to have sound?

  3. jromer: YES!

    Cooper: heh. yeah. the Youtube vid is indeed supposed to have sound. And it works for me...

  4. I have yet to see the Clinton vid but I have read most of what transpired...

    As for Boston Legal.. jury's still out on the new characters... that whole episode seemed too cartoonish for me for a while... it grew on me a little towards the end but I think the show needs to find its footing again... if only a little...

    Denny Crane and Alan Shore are what fill me though... and Denny's latest trouble was just priceless... a head and breasts... ha, ha, haaa! Bad bohemian, BAD BOHEMIAN!


  5. Gotta wonder about those disappearing YouTubes...but, well, technically, they are copywritten by Fox and,well, simply stolen intellectual property. Easy to force them down, actually.

    Lol, I had to read the Boston Legal thing twice, dude. Didn't even know there was a TV show called that...

    Yeah...I'm becoming a hermit. Go back to my bog hut to practice Jedi Mind Tricks...

  6. The Porno/Masturbation part cracked me up!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Hey I am back..saw Tool Tuesday! Peace my wombat!

  8. cooper1:37 AM

    Got sound.


    Everyone knows a ruiner.