Swimming upstream against a rush of viruses and spyware...

Just checking in for now to verify a pulse. I'd give a proper post, but the constant popups are castrating the creative process.

I've responded to comments below, as some small thing in lieu of a full post.

I've exhausted much of my bag of tricks so far as dealing with this sort of thing goes, so it may be a while before I get this thing back on its feet. I will try to make my presence known however.

Later, all


  1. Don't envy you. Somehow saved this computer--becauss no way was I going to lose another one

  2. What exactly is the problem? Maybe I can help. Dount it ...lol

    I miss ya but I'vebeen in DC ona dn off all week and haven't been on much.

    I have to download some smitfraud thing some time ago to get rid of something called smitfraud blah blha blah; it had to so a bunch of complicated things and then unleash a file I had to download, and believe it or not after a million attempts it worked .

  3. I definitely cannot help but Loverboy has quite a bag o' tricks so email me if you have any questions... we have IE, as you know since Firefox hates me... and he installed something that eats up the popups... so far 869 blocked and counting!

    Good luck with it all and you know where to find me!


  4. Just wipe it oh darlin! The PC.. reinstall windows first see if that helps and go into your programs and start deletign the bullshit. Message me if you need to know more...

  5. Damn bag of tricks... get a new bad... will ya! :)

  6. Sorry.. last night I was so tired I was falling asleep on the keyboard.. I am sure you couldn't tell by my impeccable typing skillzzz...LOL!