Let's try this again

Been trying to get a post up. It isn't hard, after all. It shouldn't be at least. But lo, I am King Fuck-Up. For me, all things are possible.

I wonder if there's anyone you can pay to have the last three characters shaved from your title.

But anyways, I was going to say some things about my trip to Cape Cod, but various things, including friends popping up to hang out because apparently the one weekend I was gone just happened to be the one they wanted to hang out with me, trying to find the business card with the number of the dude from the temp agency so that I can oh I don't know ACTUALLY GET A FUCKING JOB. Numerous failed attempts to get blogger to work for me, and my personal favorite, my computer getting infected with some sort of fucked up virus.

But anyways, I'm here now. I'm tempted to talk about Ann Coulter. Her comments about 9/11 widows are not shocking in the least given that her shit has always been redshifted even in comparison to the Bush Administration, and their thinking man Karl Rove said in so many words that New Yorkers want to give comfort to terrorists, as Pia has often noted.

I could go on and on about her but honestly I think we all know all the words. Well maybe you don't know all of my words. The jist of it is that I would take a spiteful, malicious delight in watching her suffer. The details I'll keep to myself.

But Cape Cod. Interesting place. It's a quaint drinking village with a bit of a sailing problem, or so went the T-shirt that I recieved from a relative who I doubt read the printing on it before picking it out. Rained for two days, sunny for the third. But all that is scenery, of course.

The thing about there being large spaces between family reunions is that it heavily favors the younger generation. We remember everything about the older folks, but all of their knowledge of us is dated. Being probably the most changed since last encounter of the group, I had the advantage. And yes I absolutely think of it in those terms.

Got to spend a lot of time with the small chilluns. I was accidentally called "uncle" once. Loved it.

Hung out with the next oldest there, who I hadn't seen in a while. She's studying engineering and is basically absolutely brilliant. We talked music for a bit, and as it turns out our tastes show significant overlap. Never expected that she'd like The Mars Volta as much as me.

Martha's Vineyard is a lovely place where you get off a boat and about seventy people try to rent you Jeeps or mopeds. Except they're not really mopeds. "Moped" is a word whose definition a lot of people have fucking forgotten, and really it's a damned shame. For those of you playing along at home, a moped has pedals in addition to a motor. Anything else is a scooter or a motorcycle.

Anyways, fun times.

Oh! I ran into a friend from Chicago in the streets of Hyannis. I thought I recognized her, but I was certain that I was mistaken. So I took of my hat and sunglasses and let her make the first move.

Patrick, is that you?

Christina? How the hell are you?

I'm good. What are you doing here?

This is my state, so do you think maybe you stole my question?

Small world.

I absolutely know that I had more to say, but as is often the case I'm drawing a blank because it took me so fucking long to put this up.

Stay classy, all. I'll catch you tomorrow


  1. Always classy I'll catch ya later I have one of the events to attend.

    Write something, just not about her,......blogger is certianly sucking lately....................yeah wordpress.

  2. When have I not been classy? :)

    Yeap... nothing more to say about Coulter... total Bitch and in much need of finishing up her sex-change... that adams apple needs to go!

    Glad you had a glorious weekend in the Cape...

    Uncle Patrick!


  3. See that both people who commented before me are Wordpress people--that should tell you something Patrick, and class we got in spades

    Something Ann Coutler sadly lacks as well as a working brain--but yeah, they have Rove so who needs brains?

    See that Cooper just basically ordered you to write a specific post. Funny, I just basically ordered Cooper to write one

    We can start a new blogging thing--ordering posts

    And friends always want to see you the one weekend you have unbreakable plans

  4. I hate that bitch... I would gladly be the source of her suffering. I would love to change her frozen smirk, her devil-incarnate face into one of utter pain... she needs on expression on that fucking thing, don't you think?

    I am getting off that subject... I have sensitive blood and it boils fast...

    King Fuck-UP? HELL TO THE NO! Listen buddy, I loves me my Wombat so there shall be no such talk about him! The horror!

    Glad to have you back my friend! Here's to catching up with family and running into old friends and a great weekend for one esoteric wombat much loved by bohemians everywhere!

    FO' SHO'!

  5. Sounds fun! Damn the rain! Cape Cod is beautiful! I am jealous! Yea blogger has shit itself!

  6. So am I not classy without Word Press? Shit.

  7. I don't have anything to say about Ann Coulter except ca-ching, ca-ching...both for her and all the media outlets that are putting her on, writing about her, etc. This IS America, after all. Money talks, bullshit walks, etc...

    Anyway, I have no idea what is happening with you! You're in Boston, still I see. And done with Blockbuster? Maybe I need to read everything you've written for the last 6 months, see what you've been doing.

    GREAT finish to that first game yesterday...I've been starting to worry about Big papi a little bit, he's been a little off his game I think. But hopefully he's going to keep hitting 'em when and where they count...because with this bullpen he'll surely have to do that more than once I think.

  8. Nice blog. I am impressed...

  9. oh a question? Blood for Blood? a band out of Boston. do you know anything about them?

  10. Cooper: Enjoy the events, if such is possible, classy lass. I do hope you manage to catch me later.

    Shayna: Never, to my knowledge.

    Ann Coulter has the sex appeal of an 80s IROC-Z with a rabid badger sitting in the front seat wanking.

    Heh. I only wish.

    Pia: Cooper has ordered me to post at least once before. And there's really nothing about this request that constricts, other than it not being about some dumb blonde with a hazy idea of what consists of logic is and a newspaper column. However as I'm often lacking in topic but itching to arrange some words in cunning order I'd be more than receptive so long as its something that interests me.
    So basically yes that is completely a thing I would participate in.

    I'll get wordpress if and when I ever decide to jump to a domain.

    Miz B: Oh, what it would be to be worthy of such defense! It's really hard to argue against my track record, but ok, I'll desist.

    Frap Gurl: From what I hear, you're not one to talk of jealousy at the moment =P

    Cowgirl: Pshhh! Let no one claim you to be less than classy.

    Saije: Look who's back! I was hoping I'd be able to get in touch with you again. I'm not one to dissuade you from reading my archives, but hows about I drop you a line? Do you still use your gmail?

    I will never ever EVER doubt David Ortiz. He may not be as flashy thus far this year but he's still tops in RBIs in the AL. I'm actually more worried about starting pitching than the bullpen. We've got a good thing going with our 7th, 8th, and 9th innings now that Timlin's back, but the 5 spot is hell of sketchy and the 4 spot never really looked too good to begin with. Beckett is a fluke though. He'll get better.

    Neverenough: Hearing the words, "I am impressed" from a lady with your handle is one of the given definitions of flattering I believe.

    Saije: I've heard of them. Hardcore punk, which isn't really my scene, aside from the Dropkick Murphys and maybe a couple of other bands. Too many dudes who think that it's chickenshit to knock back a frosty one but totally ok to beat people up to "protect the scene." As for the music itself I'll be sure to check it out.