Is it safe to come out now?

I hate it when problems with my internet connection stop me from blogging

I hate it when I'm inhibited by writer's block.

Both are going on right now. I do very much want to be putting words onto the interwubs. But yeah.

That aside, I'm going to link you to a youtube video, as I have done in the past. The difference is I'm in this one. My friend Matt needed some practice video editing so he wrote up a sketch and filmed us. Well, I did write one line. It's the last one I deliver.

so here it is

Also, there seems to be a lack of memes going around at the moment. I've actually got one I'd like to propose, but it's not your standard faire. It's actually one I cooked up. Sammy, you'll remember this from a while back. Here's how it works. If you want in, say so in the comments and leave two sentences. Then, write a post outlining the meme as I describe it. Basically the way it works is that you are given two sentences. the first is to be the first sentance of a short "something" and the second is to be the last. You bridge them with, say, 200-500 words that tie the two sentences together.

I find that this is a good exercise for curbing writer's block, so I'd def. suggest it if that's what you find yourself with. If there are any questions I'll be glad to answer them of course. Also, while I may well write on all of the pairs of sentences, there's obviously no requirement that anyone else who participates does the same.

Was that it? I think it was. Hope people like the idea


  1. So when do I get my sentences, what do you do with my sentences, I can't write from my own sentences. ???

    Do you use my sentences? Do I use your sentences? Oh it's all so confusing. But I'd like to be in, not that I ever get blocked or nothing.

    I'll come back when I've got some snetences to bequeath you.

  2. The idea is that you take two seemingly unrelated sentences, taken from others, and join them with your own words. Basically you get yours by writing a post asking for sentances. People will (hopefully) give you sets, so you'll have some to choose from. You'll get some from me as soon as you've got a place for me to put them, or alternately I could email them to you. But basically you use sentances from someone else, whoever it is.

    I hope that helped

  3. The video was tooo funny... it was nice to see you in "action"... :)

  4. I understand things much better when I'm awake ;-)

    And yes the video was funny.

    Here are two sentences:

    He slowly raised the grimy glass.


    "What did you do that for?"

  5. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Awesome vid wombat.

    Aren't we supposed to gie you the sentences and you write the thing

  6. cooper12:18 AM

    that was me

  7. Ooooh! I get to see the Wombat in action! Me like!

    Writer's block is a bitch! I just did a meme but it was because I have carpal tunnel which should clear up by the time I am ready to actually write!

    I gotta think on this one because it sounds quite challenging and though I may be verbose I can be quite the chicken! AY!

  8. King Kong on...hahahaha...king kong, king kong -tries to grab some air*

  9. Haha that vid was funny. I'm trying to upload a vid onto youtube myself with no such luck..

    nice blog.

  10. Shayna: Thanks!

    JvS: Ah. Sleep. Yeah, I hear it works.

    I'll get right on that.

    Cooper: Well I was sort of opening this up to see if anyone else wanted to play.

    Miz B: Ouch. Hope that clears up soon, chica.

    De.Ville: ^_^ It's ok... Breathe.

    Allister: Well I actually wasn't the one to upload so I don't know what to tell ya. Thanks for stopping by though.

  11. The video is funny, EW.

    "Rent is more than money" cracks me up.

  12. You are SLACK-IN! SLACKA!