Someone's blank stare deemed it Warfare

My smallest brother turned 11 on Monday. Forgot to mention it here. Was going to mention it on Cooper's May Day thing but I got caught up quoting Led Zepplin and then there were references to spring lust and well you know how that goes. My gift to him was this:

The Nerf AB4 "Reactor." Pump action. Fires foam balls at a decent rate of fire, and those things kill if they say, hit you in the ear from close range.

of course, I knew that as soon as I armed the kid he'd thank me for perhaps a moment before turning his gun on me. So I came to the table armed as well, with my weapon of choice:
The MR6 "Maverick" A six-shooter, which delivers the Nerf microdart ammo quite literally as fast as you can cock it and fire it. This piece of plastic was not designed for the child on the box, who clumsily held it between two hands. That photo was a lie. I am utterly convinced that it was designed so that one such as myself could hold it, which is more than I can say for a number of devices up to and including just about any game controller. It combines two of the coolest things that are done with guns on film; the barrel twirl and the pullback cocking.

Needless to say, fun times were had, and the lad was taught a lesson

There is, in fact, a large Nerf following online. There are many my age who collect and modify Nerf weapons and give detailled instructions as to how. Penny Arcade did a comic a while back in regards to Nerf warfare, and I didn't stop laughing for a long while.

Had rehearsal for Medea today. Only problem I have with it is the performance by the male lead. Of course it may be that I'm inclined to have a problem with it seeing as I was up for the part as well, but whatever. For some reason, my lines haven't been sticking in my head. It's kinda weird. Shakespeare always sticks with me, but translations of Greek plays, however poetic they may be, tend to slide. Of course, I have several problems with the premise of the play. When asked for comment, Euripides creaked a bit and didn't give a damn.

I loved Boston Legal tonight. Pia quoted it in her latest, which is great even for a Pia entry. The scene containing that quote got me to thinking. In our lives it is inevitable that we become role models for someone. Coming from a large extended family I am thus to several. Which means a constant balancing act between keeping true to one's self and, well, being a good example. Err one way and you're a bad example, another and you're a hypocrite. Or at least that's the feeling I get. So far I've been able to present a side of me that's both honest and wholesome in the ways that matter to the chilluns around me, I think. I'm good with kids.

I've also been keeping up with Doctor Who, which I'm dying to go in depth about but I doubt anyone's interested. If you can get your hands on any episodes from the new series I wholly encourage you to watch them, as they're fantastic. This last one was especially brilliant

Well, it's late. Not that it's a problem for me, but there seems to be no one else around so I'll catch youse all later.


  1. Daaaamn Geeno! When you post you post!!!!!!!

    Me like!

    Ooooh! I like those nerf guns... looks like some nerfalicious fun... would I get arrested if I shot Bush with one?

    Loved the quote at Pia's too... love Boston Legal and yes, I really did love the vagina episode too... but then again you already knew that!

    I can see chillun liking you... mine would just looooveee you (as does this bohemian)!

  2. "Four, three, two, one
    When out the barrel of a gun
    Keep my head way down. "

    No one around. ;( I'm sure some people have exams.

    I'm sure he appreciated the gun Wombat although he might have liked access to my wordpress control panel better. ;)

  3. Miz B: Rhyming! Wheeeeeee! I think that arrests would occur if you did anything that could be even loosely construed as assault around that guy.

    I think I mentioned it before, but I'm starting to soften up to Brad Chase.

    I'm sure it'd be mutual; your kids seem awesome. On the second count you know full well it is.

    Cooper: Hmmm... Guster... it's been a while.

    I'm around, in a sense.

    heh. Wrong brother

  4. Modifying nerf weapons? How cool is that! I had no clue.

    During my finals week(s), it seemed louder than usual, not quieter. But then that's probably because I attended a party school....lol.

  5. Those things are deadly !

  6. Do you remember the nerf swords from back in teh day that had a sheild attached to them... and when you knocked down the other persons little sheild parts you won ? I freaking miss those... they should make them again.

  7. Cowgirl: I'm thinking of doing one that'll add 10 ft to the range and allow me to use homemade darts.

    Damn do I wish it was ever like that for me. I've never needed to spend much time preparing for finals.

    Martyn: You don't know the half of it. Some of the more anarchic modders do some nasty things to those darts.

    Samantha: Oh Hell yes! Nowadays amongst my friends toy lightsabers have replaced that. There is also a game we play that involves both Nerf guns and toy lightsabers, which requires the parrying of darts/balls. Hell of fun

  8. Im going out to buy a nerf gun this week. thanks. Nerf should thank you.

  9. So... can you play cowboy and indians with nerf guns? Just wondering... that was my favorite game as a kid... and if nerf guns are legal in that game... I believe I'll put on my Indian Feathers and load up my nerf balls into my gun..

  10. Mickerdoo: Man we should totally hit the park and engage in foam warfare. I mean the mere sight of two full-sized dudes shooting Nerf guns at each other would put some people off their shit

    Shatna: I've never heard of a law against it. As a kid I used to play secret agent with them with my good friend who's now my cousin. We'd also do that "showdown at high noon" thing, but not nearly as much. Of course, things have changed ever since I saw the Matrix and Equilibrium.

  11. Firstly, *khik* sorry for the typos on the comment, I meant your wedding as in the one you attended. Tch.

    And I just love that gun!