Curse you, Belkin and your abysmal routers

Haven't been able to maintain an internet connection for long enough to make a post.

Yesterday was the anneversary of the Kent State shootings. In memoratum, I was going to play "Four Dead in Ohio," but decided that my rendition wasn't yet up to snuff. I'll mess around with a lot of songs, but that one needs to be done right.

I've finally gotten hold of my lines for Medea. Given there aren't many of them, but the ones I had weren't getting any traction in my mind until the other day, when I stepped up to the stage at rehearsal thinking that I didn't know them, and delivering them nonetheless. I've got to tell you, that's a terrific feeling.

So after the rehearsal I got on the subway and went back to my hometown with Keith, a fellow thespian. We stopped into the local comic book shop, where there was a croud of vaguely familiar looking females. Luckily, they didn't know who I was and thus awkwardness was avoided. He introduced me, and there was sobbing. One of the girls was now sitting on the floor leaning against the counter, in tears. I searched my memory. No, there was nothing I'd done to provoke this reaction.

Through her sobs it came out that someone named Patrick had broken her heart in high school. She furthermore demanded that I say I was gay. I responded that If I was to be gay every time someone wanted me to be then I'd be a total slut. She continued to sob, and made note of the fact that this other Patrick was also not gay, and that he also wore his hair in a ponytail, which amounted to three things I shared with this guy. I was beginning to realize why he left her, and I promptly followed his example, saying a quick goodbye to my friend.

I swear one of these days I'm going to figure out what the fuck it is that draws these nutcases to me.

Also I guess today was no pants day. I always miss these things.


  1. No pants day... :)

    Literally sobbing? That is nuts...

    Geez... women...

  2. What a freakin' psycho! You tend to attract such weirdos? Oh no!

    May that karmic pattern change for you amigo mio!

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I missed no pants day?????????? :(

    You do attract weirdos.

    * weirdo waving hand *


  4. I really don't like girls. I think if I were a guy I would have to be gay... cause we are CRAZY... and I don't think I could live with a girl for forever.

  5. Shayna: In the words of Norm, "Can't live with 'em, pass the beer nuts"

    Miz B: I dunno. I do get some funny stories out of it...

    Cooper: You're one weirdo I'm glad to have attracted.

    Sammy: Really? I do. A little craziness is hardly any bother to me. It's the ones who go off the deep end with it that occasionally bother me when they find me.

  6. *passing beer nuts* I like a little craziness too; makes life a more interesting. But my family seems to fill that void...

    One thing I noticed at the Derby was that alot of guys were wearing shorts instead of pant with their suits...does this count as no pants day?

  7. i'm a lucky motherfucker. rewording cooper, of course, who is far too original.

  8. Cowgirl: I honestly have no clue. I know that it would count if it were boxers, but that would be rather jarring.

    Craziness... It's the salt of life. A dash or so to enhance flavor, but too much and you get parched and dry out and die.

    Transience: ^_^ It took me a moment to grasp that.