UPDATE: I'm just realizing now that I never told you what that title was from. Cowgirl was right. It was from Pink Floyd. In the album version of Wish You Were Here, at the beginning there is a radio clip from what was either a radio play or an interview. In any case, there was a man and a woman's voice, and one of the things that the woman said was, "this star nonsense; what do you make of it?" So yeah. Props to Cowgirl though

Somehow, this wasn't much covered in the mass media. Which is odd, because it was goddamned hilarious, and after all, isn't the media supposed to have a liberal bias?

Also I found this over at the Pixie's place, which I found through Cowgirl. Apparently there's a bit of a capacity for brand confusion, but I doubt any which will represent me in any light that I take particular objection to. Also Cooper is back from DC, Pia has written yet another thing that I love, and Shayna invites us to relive her roadtrip with her.


  1. Wombatty, I'm going to read it all as soon as I get back from class. If I ever get there. lol
    I'll save the jam for last.

  2. So at least now you get our whole wombat code...I know what brand you are. ;)

    Colbert was extremely funny. And so true.

  3. I love the "wombat" clip... do you dance like that wombat?? :)