Just found out that someone from my scout troop was charged with vehicular homicide.

I hated him as a kid. I was I think the only one who didn't like him then, aside from perhaps my father. There were people who thought me an asshole for not helping him complete his Eagle project.

Saw the news article about it. Saw the name of the kid who lost his life in the passenger seat as that fucker wove through traffic at 100 miles an hour while drunk.

He was in my third grade class and on my little league team and later the middle school basketball team with me. During a time when I was pretty much a social outcast, and he very much wasn't, he was my friend. I hadn't heard from him since seventh grade.

Not exactly the vindication I wanted.

Rich, I'm sorry. But what the fuck were you doing with that asshole?

And the thing is that I know that he was bound to fuck up. I was certain that he'd self-destruct before he hit 25. Not now. He's looking at 30 years in prison, which sucks for him but not nearly as much as the fatal wreck or overdose that was due him. He may have saved his own life by killing my friend.

And it's not like this was the first time he'd ever wrecked a car while driving drunk. I bet this time his mother won't buy him another one. Bitch.

See what I mean about losing contact? It sucks.

Rest in peace, buddy. Sorry we fell out of touch.


  1. Oh My! Sorry for the loss of your friend Wombat! May he rest in peace...

  2. Wow, I am really sorry. I know that seem kinda like... well duh... but its hard to come up with words when you hear about things like this.

  3. my condolences, wombat. strange how life shows you things in the least expected ways. but still, yeah, it sucks. big time.

  4. Oh, Patrick... I'm sorry! A similar thing happened a couple of years back to three of my classmates from high school... we hadn't talked since graduation... and now we can talk no more...

    I agree with Samantha... hard to come up with words...

  5. Miz B: Thank you. I can only hope.

    Sammy: This is one of the few times where I'll say that the words themselves don't matter.

    Tran: The thing that really bothers me is it took a year for me to find out. Makes me wonder if there's anyone else I don't know about.

    Shayna: It's a pickle. Sometimes you just can't keep in touch unless you obsess over it. And that's no way to go. *sigh* Maybe the right course of action is to forcibly tatoo the word "asshole" on the forehead of people we meet in life who fit the description

  6. I am at a loss for words too. What a tragedy. So sorry.

    I think the tattoo is perhaps a good idea, but sometimes people change...and bad things happen to good people. So regardless, there is little to do but live your own life to the best of your capabilities...

  7. I think lots of people thought he was an asshole,you may even be suprised how many actually felt that way, but figured he'd grow out of it. He didn't, but I imagine he's forcibly learning the hard way now. I thought he'd grow out of it, but I heard during the end of HS, he progressively got worse.

    It's a no-win situation, and you can only hope the event opens some eyes and does make a difference.

  8. I didn't see this earlier.
    That is really sad Wombat and yes it does suck.

  9. Cowgirl: well, tatoos can be removed. And it would certainly serve as a reminder.

    Mickerdoo: I never thought he'd grow up, if for no other reason than no one ever called him on it. Maybe he'll learn from this, but I'm not convinced.

    Cooper: Well I did sort of want to put something else up in front of it. Thank you.