Because every once in a while I do keep a promise where my writing is concerned...

There are a few hundred words of mine over at Sar's concerning Net Neutrality in my guest post over there. I urge you to go and check them out, not only because I believe them to be good ones, but also because the issue could end up being crucial.

I may post here later, but if not I do hope you enjoy.

UPDATE: Shayna's back!


  1. I enjoyed your post over at Sar's... kiddo! ;)

    thanks for the welcome back... although I was only gone for two days... LOL! :) Which I guess is a lifetime in blog days...

  2. Sar has dubbed your groupies The Wombatettes.

    I am a proud member. ;)

  3. cooper11:41 PM

    Eh so now I am a groupie.


  4. I thought it was the Wombettes... hmmmm... you choose, I'm in...

    Great job over at Sar's!

  5. Actually think it should be the Esoterica's, as we're all a bit....

  6. Shayna: Oh wow I just thought of the sappiest thing ever to say and I'm going to say it I just wanted to preface it thusly:

    It only feels like a lifetime if it's two days without you

    Cowgirl: I'm honored. Though it looks like Cooper's not all too thrilled with the word "groupie"

    Cooper: Not saying I agree with the label, (that is so very much a thing that you lot need to work out) but if I did, you'd be part of what would probably be the the brainiest group of groupies evar.

    Miz B: Wooohoooo!

    Pia: Hmm... don't know which I like more, and I'm pretty sure it's not my call anyways. You all are sort of though, aren't you?

  7. Alright! Ima check it out and be back...

  8. I'm liking this being the Esotericas idea.

    And I don't like being a groupie either. But at least it's a worthy following. ;)

  9. Frap Gurl: Enjoy!

    Cowgirl: Well, as I said, I'm not laying a hand on that.

    I was hoping that would be the case. But you were the one who first said, "groupies," dear.

  10. Hey... I love groupie's... never been one... but always willing to try something once... okay that didn't come out right... I guess i should say I'm willing to be a Esoterica... sounds so sexy!

    and I love sappy... sappy is the best way to a woman's heart... :)

  11. um... I meant more that it would be better diplomatically speaking?

    it does sound sexy... I guess my one hang-up is usage (which is something that I have been known to argue vehemently about)