I'm still alive and other tidbits

The rain seems to be done with. I'm glad. It was getting really old

Thanks to all who dropped by to wish me a happy birthday. It meant a lot to me.

Boston Legal was two hours tonight and I missed it. I should be able to catch it tommorrow. I was watching the Red Sox beat the Orioles, you see. I think that the good people at Crane. Poole, and Schmidt will forgive me.

I will expand on this post (my 250th, as it happens) tommorrow. For now I must go to bed as I have a final in the morning.

Later, all.

Allright. I'm back. So I told you all a story a while back. Here is an addendum.

I was with a dear friend of mine on Tuesday and I told her that very same story. Within a half hour, a car pulled up beside us and a girl jumped out. It was the same girl. I quickly drew my jacket over my face.

"Hey no wait! I'm not going to cry I swear!"

She then went on to tell me about how she had tried to find my number, my address, my AIM, my email, my (nonexistant) myspace... all in attempt to apologize.

hmm... stalking to apologize... that's new.

I finally caught BL. It was fantastic. All I have to say on the topic.

Please do not feel cheated if I don't start a fresh post tonight. There will be something for you in the morning


  1. Ooooh! 2 hours long??? I cannot wait to see it!

    Hope you had a great birthday there in the real world! Sleep tight and good luck with the final and...


  2. I was thinking of you a lot with all of the rain...was afraid you might get swept away.

    When are your finals over?

  3. Miz B: I've heard that it's great.

    Thanks ^_^

    Cowgirl: Awwww... you needn't have worried. I live on the second floor, and I'm a good swimmer (lifeguard, even) =P

  4. It was great I saw it in real time for the first time this year I think. Hope you got to watch it.

    Hope your final went well.

  5. stalking to apologize..

    HAHAHA, yea Myspace is a stalker's Haven! Buy a gun!

  6. Cooper: Thanks. It did go well, in fact. Loved the finale. I even found myself loving the Squid.

    Candi: If I went shopping for weapons every time I ran into a crazy girl I'd be short on cash and have enough arms and ammunition to supply a small army.