A possibly awful attempt

Ah, the tired last minutes of the night. If you listen just right, the white noise all around can sound like a guitar solo or a crowd cheering as your ears go out of focus. You haven't created for days despite your intent. The words must flow. They have to. They are the breath of life. Inhale. Exhale. You may not turn blue when the words don't come out, but it is no less natural. No less vital. Must breathe... must write...

Consciousness lapses. Vision fades...

Maybe tommorrow...


  1. and i am late at wishing you happy birthday. so happy birthday, wombat. every bite of the little-death bread was done in honor of you.

  2. Hmmmm.... so does this mean we may possibly get to hear a guitar solo??? :) That's how I read it... now I demand it! :)~

    P.S... I'm really not the demanding type... just when I really want something! :)

  3. Wow. Good post. I like the way you write...

  4. Lol...know the feeling, man. Know the feeling.

    That is why God invented loud heavy metal. I recommend something from the late 70s, 80s...

    Sabbath's After Forever, perhaps?

  5. Hearing you play would be awesome.

  6. Transience: Fitting that you're first to comment here I think. All of it? I am extremely honored.

    Shayna: I'm not... I'm not all that good on the guitar. I've only been I am absolutely certain that you're better. But I shall throw down what I can, as soon as I can...

    Smurf: Welcome! and thanks! Though I don't write like that very often. It's fun though.

    Jason: God invented it? Isn't most of it associated with Satan? =P

    Sabbath gets the job done. As it happens it was a System of a Down cover of Snowblind that did it for me.

    Cowgirl: I'll see what I can do

  7. Ha, ha, ha! That's where I am in between teaching gigs, as in right now...

    Oooh! Do I hear musica coming up? I wanna hear how wombats sing! INDEED!

    Besos mil and sleep tight oh esoteric one...