Cast your dancing spell my way; I promise to go under it

Congrats to Ryan and Kate who got married earlier today. Not that either will likely ever see this space. The former happens to be my cousin, and given just how awesome the latter is, I couldn't be happier for him. Wasn't invited to the reception. Understandable. Accomodating an extended family like the one of which I am a part is a tall order. Those of us who went to the chapel but not the reception instead held a dinner in their honor at a nearby Bertucci's, whose brick oven pizza is not normally known by me to be particularly pleasing, but I suppose today was the exception. Lots of little chilluns there, making noise and climbing all over their tallest cousin. Good times, all in all.

Saw an old friend give a very small concert on Friday night. She invited 200 people, and like half a dozen showed up. which is actually good, because not many more would have fit in the yoga studio where it turned out the engagement was. That's what "performance space" constitutes here in the suburban wasteland to the north of Boston. It was hidden away in an obscure building. Were I not armed with the street number, I'd have stood no chance of finding it.

Now, normally I avoid "pop" music that consists of one person with a microphone singing to canned music. But Amy puts out a good brand I think. She writes her own songs, which is a breath of fresh air. And she's got hell of stage presence, which I feel qualified to evaluate as an actor.

I hadn't seen her since eighth grade. Never thought of her as a pop star back then. But there's no mistaking it now. It was much cool seeing her again, and moreso that I'm in contact with her in a general sense again. Also cool was that there were people there I didn't know who recognized me from the play I did last summer. I neglected to ask them if they liked it, and they didn't offer it up. I was tempted to pull a Mitch Hedburg and walk away, then come back and say, "hey, I saw you a couple of minutes ago, in the hallway! You were great!"

So as I left, she gave me a signed copy of her album, and urged me to see some of her shows in the summer. I think I will.


  1. Sounds like you had an eventful couple of days! Weddings and pop... poppin' weddings... good times!

    Glad you reconnected with your friend... I am curious as to her music now!

    Have a good Sunday!

  2. anyone who can write their own songs are awesome... :)~

    Glad you reunited with an old friend...


    Again, congrats on 10,000 and I promise to write the song/poem as soon as I get a moment to myself... :)

  3. wedding.....boring .....but I'm glad you enjoyed the children crawling even afterwards.

    That's is awesome about your pop singer friend. I have a few friend who write music and poetry but are not necessarily musicians. One of the guys I went to Costa rRca with spent some time at the beach with Matt Nathanson this summer writing songs...

    We used to write songs together .. I imagine you have written some yourself wombat.

    Oh wait....you won....lol

    Luck of the Wombat.

    glad you changed your sign in thingy.

  4. Weddings are always fun, yours fortunately seems like no exception.

  5. Miz B: Oh. Well then I should probably link to her site. http://www.AmyFam.com

    fun all around.

    Shayna: In that we are in agreement.

    It should be noted that you are the one to be congradulated and not me, but I think you already know that and just don't want to admit it =P I can't wait to see what you write.

    Cooper: it was pretty enough. Children can be painful at times, but are in general fun.

    I've written a couple of songs with a friend, but they got scrapped as soon as we realized that there were already songs out just like them. Haven't done so in a while, actually.

    Not quite sure how far luck of the Wombat extends, but this was an awesome surprise.

    Well I had to, didn't I?

    De.ville: It was quite a lot of fun. I hope you can appreciate the brief moment of horror that hit me when I saw your comment and the implication that I had personally had a wedding.