All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

What follows is not a happy post, and I'd hate to think that I was getting any of you down. So, before that:
Congrats to Shayna on hitting the 10,000 visitor mark. Apparantly I was the one who pushed the counter over. And for this I'm going to be rewarded, she says, with a song or poem in my honor. As is to be expected, I quiver with anticipation. Can't say enough about her.

Cowgirl has made a noble contribution to the recent torrent of sexy posts circulating. I'm fairly certain that this recent informal meme has everything to do with you coming back, Tran. Much thanks ^_^

Reports from the Vatican are suggesting that the Holy See may be on the verge of saying something about sex that isn't totally shitbrained. I suppose that commendations are due to those who have been pushing for this for years, but in general? This shit was needed twenty-five fucking years ago. 25 million people have burned while Rome was fiddling. Unnacceptable.

I submit that this case is enough to declare any Roman Catholic doctrine regarding sex to be without credibility.

Simple logic. Abstinence and condoms are the only two effective means of preventing the spread of HIV. While condoms only have 80% effectiveness in this area, teaching abstinence has never stopped people from having sex. It follows that in order to curb the flow of AIDS, condoms must be used. What does it say about Roman Catholic theology as a feild of study when being knowledgeable about it makes you signifigantly less likely to figure that out?

It's a matter of public record that I have a problem with religion. The reason is the palpable harm that has been caused to so many over the years due to the preference for dogma over provable fact that exists on at least some small level in just about every organized religion. I recognize and embrace that, as Shakespeare said, "there is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy." And I have no qualms about how others account for that gap. The line I draw is when harm is done to others. When that line is crossed I make no apologies.


  1. Great post. Especially the last two paragraphs

    And congrats on being Shayna's 10,000 vistor

  2. quiver no more my friend... :)

    Oh and thanks... I can now comment as mememememe...

  3. Pia: Glad I didn't dissapoint.

    Shayna: eeeeee! can't wait!

  4. Can't wait to see how this really turns out.
    I have no use for the Vatican myself but the power they hold being quite significant this is worth watching.

    Nice song for you Wombat...you are very lucky. 10,000th- yeah

  5. Cooper: My thoughts exactly.

    I guess it'd be hard to deny that I'm lucky, huh?

  6. wombat, how do you even manage to be such a prolific blogger?

    i have a problem with religion, too. there's too many people who go rambling along life with someone else doing their thinking for them. it's just not right. i was raised roman catholic, but needless to say, i haven't kept that faith.

    sexy posts being my fault, eh? i think it has everything to do with the moon phase, though, not me. i loved cowgirl's meme, btw. but at the rate i'm going, i'd rather be the horse than the equestrienne. i'm too damn tired to ride. i would rather just carry all that weight. ;)

  7. Add me to the list of religion-hostile bloggers.