Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl...

Editorial note: Before we proceed with what is an if not disgruntled, then at the very least far from being gruntled discussion of China, we (the editorial we, which Mark Twain said ought only be used by editors and people with tapeworms. We aren't sure if we fall into either category, but I doubt Mr. Twain would be too heavily offended) would like to point out a couple of things around the blogodrome. We were heavily amused by the resident information science professional's excursion in the wilderness with a lesbian couple. High-fives are most certainly in order, and will be delivered as soon as the logistics are worked out. We are furthermore humbly flattered to have been included in the resident rock star's comprehensive list of online mind candy, which seems only to be inaccurate as it, in all modesty, doesn't include her name, which is understandable, as linking to ones own blog does seem rather pointless. That bit of buisiness aside, here follows a far less pleasant matter.

I guess the president of China was displeased with his reception here. I'm sorry sir, would you like your tea with one lump of "fuck you," or two?

It's a fucked up world where this guy gets a 21 gun salute. And yet, I guess on some level it's necessary. Which is even more fucked up. We're piss scared of China right now. They're swiftly moving towards superpower status in a world where we're used to being the only country that term applied to. They've got the largest standing army in human history, which yes, is only a direct threat if they obtain the means to mobilize it, but as it exists now it's still all kinds of ominous. Of course, our cooperation with this asshole is another example of what has been made abundantly clear by the example of Iraq; We take a firm stand on human rights... when it's convenient.

The thing is? We are absolutely responsible for China's position and assumed license to not give a damn about human rights, because we knew about all of this all along and yet we still traded with them. We didn't need to, really, but we did because the profit margins were better and now all of a sudden our economy is in a bind and look who's got their hands on our ankles.


Speaking of which, Yahoo has been implicated in handing the user information of a pro-democracy Chinese citizen, who was summarily jailed, to the government. Note that a public outcry here has not been forthcoming, despite the media crucifixion that Google endured for their cooperation with censorship laws. I'll restate: They caught flak because they refused to do here what Yahoo did over there. Right-wingers would have you believe that there's a liberal bias in the media, but a simple analysis of this situation soundly trumps that. Here are two companies who run a search engine service. Both wanted a market in China. One complied with censorship laws over there and refused to turn over user data to the US Justice Department. Another complied with the US Justice Department here, and help jail a man for democracy advocacy over there. Which one got buried by bad publicity and saw a huge dip in profits?


  1. Not afraid to agree that high fives are in order!

    And Shayna does belong on the mind candy list.

    I need more coffee to get started on China. Or Bush.

  2. Don't be surprised if that gigantic chinese army one day splits into several smaller ones let by territorial warlords. It's happened before in their past, and it will happen again.

  3. It is a sad time where we need China so bad we have to put up with their shit....meaning their gross violation of human rights.
    It was just one big irony and sadly Bush even looked desperate in any film clip I saw him in yesterday.

    A desperate nation us. ;)

  4. Ohhh Shucks! You are a sweetie... :)

    We are becoming a desperate nation... it is sad...

    China... yes, scares the hell out of me. The way they treat their women as 2nd class citizens... etc... We are desperate when it comes to "needing" them...

  5. And... what is up with guys and girl on girl action? LOL!

  6. Cowgirl: I think that I'd have been a bit more emphatic were coffee involved in my ritual this morning.

    Coyote Mike: Something big would have to happen, and the chilling effect of a totalitarian regime can stop that sort of business in its tracks. It's certainly possible, but I would deem it unlikely.

    Cooper: I submit that we don't need China. It's just the deal is so much sweeter when you can get a $50 shoe made for an overhead of $6.

    Shayna: Yes. Yes I am. ^_^

    Given the treatment given to all citizens, the idea of anyone being a second class citizen there is horrifying.

    It's straight mathematics. Girl on girl action is sex with a greater women density. And women are awesome.

  7. Sex as a mathematical proposition. *shakes head* I think it simply should equal fun...no matter the density.

    It is getting hot in all of these blogs today...

  8. The saddest part of it all is that it is not necessarily a total drive based on need but greed... human rights always takes a second place and who gives a fuck about Tibetans... or so they figure...

    Everything seems to have a price in their world and with this administration it is as bad as it can get and the way for worse is being paved as we type...

    Did someone say sex? Ooooh! Yummy is all I can say!

  9. Cowgirl: Well it's not like I see two girls going at it and I'm thinking, "allright, XX + XX =..." I'm thinking "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." But if it's to be explained then that's the only way I can think of to do so aside from saying that two female forms interlacing has a certain je ne sais quois about it. You're right of course. Sex should equal fun, and these blogs are certainly steaming up.

    Miz B: Truth.

    No doubt those bastards have a keen sense of how much it takes to buy someone out.

    Sex=very yum.

  10. Man, I agree with you about the certain je ne sais quois about that. (Shhh...)lol.

    Anyways, I am glad I am heading out here in a bit, because all this sex talk has me going crazy! Off to take a shower!

  11. You crack me up Patrick... :)

    and I still have to sign in as my blogger account... WTF? :)

  12. Agree with Cooper--and Shayna

    And with you about Shayna's not being in her list.

    Am being awfully agreeable today. Something must be wrong

  13. You know, I must say, we have good reason to be scared shitless of Bejing right now. The have what, a 9% economic growth rate? They'll be enveloping whole American industries soon.

    Aww...poor Chinese blowhard...

    Lol for the link description. Just getting caught up on blog reads I missed this past week...after the hell that has been the last few days, this shout-out made my day, man. Thx.