hey what do you know. another gap in between posts

Ugh. You know, sometimes I don't even notice when I haven't been posting.
Not a good sign.

I mentioned earlier that I would be judging a 24-hour theater competition. It starts tommorrow. One thing I didn't mention was the fact that my late-night tendancies and overall propensity for marathon sleeplessness is what pretty much got me the slot. I'm going to be the only judge to preside over all 24 hours. I'm beginning to regret this detail as my friend Matt, who got me into this affair, does not share my lifestyle, and I'm going to be staying with him. It's looking like the only way of preventing a night of lying awake in his dorm trying to urge my sleep cycle to re-align is lechery, and as just about everyone I'll be meeting there tommorrow will be involved in the contest that would constitute a clear conflict of interest.

If there was any profit in being honorable, more people would be doing it.

I also found out that my mentor from high school (who I've made mention of before in this space) is going to be on the panel. Which means that the one person who knows better than perhaps anyone else on the planet what my shortcomings are is going to be there with me, with all of the high-powered theater people, who I'll be spending the evening agressively sucking up to.

So in all probability, I won't be blogging in the afternoon. Or the evening, or until late Saturday night, and as Alice points out, hardly anyone reads blogs on weekends.

I think I'm going to turn in for the night. If I think of something topical in the morning I'll post it

See youse all later


  1. Oooh! The time has come! I am sure it will all go fantastically well and that you will impress many a theater bigwig!

    Go, kick ass and make sure to fill us in in all the juicy details...

    And you know? I do read blogs on weekends. I guess that makes me a geek! *sigh*

  2. Looking forward to the details of the adventure.. it sucks when peeps don't share your sleep cycle.. you'll get through! Have a great weekend!

  3. 24 hours.... WOW! Hope you do get some rest sometime... :)

    I am sure you will have a blast! ;)

    I read blogs sometimes on the weekends... when I have a chance or I can't sleep! ;)

    Have a good time!

  4. "If there was any profit in being honorable, more people would be doing it."

    Heh, that was funny...

  5. I am sure you will kick ass!

    I honestly hate running into people from my past.

    I read blogs on the weekends, but I too am a geek. And proud of it!

  6. Miz B: It's certainly evidence towards that. This coming from a geek who does, in fact, read blogs on weekends.

    Frap Gurl: There will be a full account of the plays and the experience as soon as the matter is settled.

    Shayna: Well, sleep is certainly allowed, and my presence here isn't exactly necessary in the strictest sense.

    Oliviah: domo

    Cowgirl: Well, keep in mind that in this case "my past" refers to as recently as two years ago. And I've been in touch with him since.

    Damn Straight! Wear it with pride!

  7. See, if there's one person in cyberspace who posts in more random hours of the day than me, it would be you, man.

    Hope the theatre comp. judging goes well.

  8. very excited to hear about the theatre judging thing.

  9. I bet you had a great time doing it... didn't you.