The post that should occupy this space has suffered a critical existance failure

Allright, so here's the deal. I had a complete write-up about the theater competition done, only to lose it. I found out when I woke up this morning that it was lost.

I have a class this morning.

When I get back, I'll share.

Suffice to say, it was a good time... eventually.

Anyways, until then, be sure to push my ranking over at Sar's caption contest over the top. Need at least 5 votes. Know you've got it in ya

Until then...


  1. You are a rankings whore after all Wombat.

    Losing papers....are you sure you really didn't just have it in your head never writing it down due to your preoccupation with comic - cartoons?

    this commenting is becoming a hassle as I have forgotten my blogger password and it takes all of five tries in order to remember it.

  2. belle not bell - your link doesn't work

  3. Damn blogger monsters! ;)

  4. Alice: Actually there were no papers involved. Lost the data. Thanks for the vote of confidence though :P

    I'm glad I'm worth five tries to you ^_^

    Fixed the link

    Shayna: I know!! We all seem to be plagued by them!

  5. Blogger...grrrr..... need to get my own site.
    Will be waiting on the post.

  6. That sucks you lost that post! I hate blogger!

  7. The voting... did it and you all the way baby!

    Blogger... hate it but don't move because I love my template... *sigh* Me so vain!

    Sooooo... dish baby dish!