Valentine's Day: the surly aftermath

So, V-Day... Mine was pretty much uneventful.

Well, actually that's not true. I did flirt with a classmate only to find out that she was married. And then I met this guy who basically went on to tell me all the sorts of things that you tend not to tell people when you first meet them if there isn't something seriously wrong (details about crazy mother, attempted suicide, having dated (and bedded) sisters at the same time who would time and again make out with one another).

Oh, and also I saw a woman flip out because someone said the word "pregnant."

But all that can be filed under, "general shit that happens in my every day existance." I swear I have no clue how I find these people. Maybe there's a sign on my back that says, "feel free to test this guy's tolerance for the insanely weird."

Before I forget: Pia, I can't seem to get beyond the cuts on your blog so that's why I've been absent of late.


Surprised, anyone?

Also, this is something that in a past life I hoped to be working on. Back when I thought I was going to be an engineering student at MIT. I swear, sometimes life provides a better punchline than any I can make.

Oh yeah, Tim Burton has in an interview with Ain't it Cool News expressed interest in directing a film version of Sweeny Todd. This simply must happen.

Oh yeah, that's what I was going to talk about. I finally got around to seeing Rent on dvd. As a theater student I guess I was expected to have seen the stage show. Now I know why. That show rocks hard, and should resonate with everyone at some level. And the musical numbers? Genius. The Tango Maureen blew me away, and of course I thought of Miz B when I heard La Vie Bohemé.

And what makes the dvd even more worthwhile is the documentary in the special features about Jonathan Larson, who wrote it, and died soon after he gave an interview for the New York Times, which would give his play the review that would set it off. His story can be found here. For my part, its as touching and inspirational story as is told in the play, and knowing Larson's story makes Rent just that much more meaningful. As a writer I can only hope that I could leave behind something as meaningful. As an actor I can only imagine what it would have meant to take the stage under those conditions, and that they all rose to the occasion on opening night is a validation of my personal stage ethic.

there might be an influx of activity here today and tommorrow as I'm pretty much free. For now I'm going to play with Ophelia for a bit and maybe watch some scenes from Rent again.


  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy attracting the crazies. Myself excluded of course...or not.

    Flying cars...oh yea I want one.

    I can't look at Cruise with a straight face nevermind read an article about him.

    I can't get my comments through at Pia's most of the time I'm not sure why.

  2. I think the crazies know you have got this blog, a wonderful placed to spew all their glory stories!

    I think it might be because Katie Holmes grew up in a town really close to me in Ohio. I feel kinda bad for her, I hope she is happy.

  3. I always wonder about people born without filters in their brain for TMI...

    I wonder if there's a transplant that might help.

  4. I can't believe that dude told you that stuff!!! Freaks! Makes me feel normal!

  5. Oh no! Gotta agree with Alice although not excluding myself... bohemians are, in general, crazy and proud of it! But then again, look at "normal" and tell me that's what you wanna be? Oy vey!

    *GASP* An Esoteric Wombat thought of me, a bohemian Miz? Good Golly Gosh! *blushing bashful bohemians all loooveee esoteric wombats*

    I wish I had seen it back in SF but life and time did not allow for that! I guess I will have to get my hands on a copy here in Spain and when I watch it I shall be thinking of you my friend!

  6. Alice: So are you saying that you're not crazy or that I'm not attracting you? :P Most of the people I hit it off with are at least slightly twisted, but even I have my limits. Then again, as an actor and a writer it's always good to have material being fed to me thusly.

    Sammy: I do too. Especially if Scientology isn't the reason she gave Tom the boot.

    dan: I think it's called a lobotomy

    Frap: I'm sorry if you feel normal.

    Miz B: There is good crazy and "oh man seriously get the fuck away from me" crazy. You are firmly grounded in the former.

    Yeah, you should totally check it out and see what I meant.

  7. People tend to go freak-ass on Valentine's Day.