Something is happening and you don't know what it is... so, uh... I'll tell you I guess

On March 25th Boston College is going to hold a 24 hour theater competition. The way it works is this: An as of yet undetermined number of teams will each be given the topic for a play. In 24 hours, they will write, produce, and perform original plays.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with me? Well, I've been selected as a judge.

I'm a bit apprehensive. Let me tell you why.

The panel of judges is basically a who's who of Boston Theater

...and me

This is being justified by my judge's seat being called that of the "peer judge." But nonetheless, I'm still being presented, in at least some sense, as being on the level with the rest of the judges. And there will be people I know in attendance. People who know that I'm not, well, qualified.

Of course, I'm more than able to judge well. There's an important distinction between able and qualified. Able means you can do something. Qualified means that people will ask you to do it. Most sitcoms have covered the potential peril involved with this sort of thing.

It's not that I mind being put up on a pedestal. I'm an actor. It's part of the job description. It's the engraving on the plaque that troubles me. I wouldn't have a problem if it said "Pretty Ok Guy." But if it says, "Theater Expert," problems exist that could be run into. Given my recent run of luck with things like this, they are likely. And in any case, the least that can happen is that I'll catch flak from the people who know that I probably have no business being there.

I'm going through with it anyways, of course. I promised my friend, who set the whole business up. Anyways, even should the worst happen, I'm pretty sure it'll make a hilarious story. And of course I get to suck up to a bunch of people who are extremely well-connected to the theater scene hereabouts.

You will all, of course, be kept informed should anything occur that is worth retelling.


  1. FUCKING SWEEET! I am excited for you. If I had money and time I would so make a trip up to Chicago to watch some of the plays. Have fun!

  2. That is awesomely cool. You will go through with it ...you must.

    This fits right into your thing and there should be no reason for hesitation. Awesomeness....shakes hand....here's to a job that will be well done.

  3. I think it's awesome you were chosen!!!! This can open doors my man! Embrace your new-found.."Qualifications" you are an actor.. Act brotha!!!!

    And yea Tool is set for May..I hit up the news on their site.. and it was put up yesterday. Blows, but they are recording..

  4. Hmmm... I thought I wrote here last night... sorry!

    EW... I am so freaking excited for you... You must go through with it... I'm proud of you! (not that I'm your mom or anything... but as a blogger friend... very proud and am sure you will do great!!!)

  5. Congratulations!!!! You MUST and you WILL go through with it! No room for insecurities amigo although, yes, easier said than done!

    Have had quite a few agents in my day, met actors from both theater and film, casting directors and what not... though many were talented the common thread is they are full of themselves... only way to make it is to believe blindly in yourself...

    Meaning, that don't be intimidated by such titles and labels... they are all bullshit, experience, yeah can be admired and their body of work too but bottomline... it just means they are older or have had more time to have some work under their belt and time in which to get themselves a name... you, I am sure, are as qualified, capable and able!

    So enjoy, bask in the glory of your task, use this opportunity to meet and greet and embrace it! Bohemians everywhere applaud their wombat friend!

  6. Sammy: Actually, I'm back in Boston now for the time being (long story) I'm guessing that makes a trip that much less likely.

    Alice: Of course I will. I suppose apphrehension is a better word. Many thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Frap Gurl: Oh I'm going to play along as best I can, and I know I can fool people who don't know me. Its the ones who do who are the problem.

    Maybe it'll leak

    Shayna: Thanks ^_^ Means a lot to me.

    No need to apologize. I just found out that I forgot to post the comment I was going to post on your blog. Not that it was particularly (or indeed at all) insightful

    Miz B: I am psyched to know that I've got the backing of Bohemia.
    I know full well that I'm up to it. It's just that it'll be all kinds of interesting how I'll be recieved. To tell the truth I've actually grown to look forward to a potential SNAFU of this kind.

    I don't believe blindly in myself per se (I'm always keeping a watch on my ego) but I know I can get the job done

    All in all, being in association with these people should be a good thing.

    Once again, thanks for the enthusiasm. All of you are awesome.

  7. Holy moly that's awesome, and you've became quite the who's who! Will you still remember little ole me?

  8. if course I will. I'm not so much a "who's who" as a "who's that?"

  9. Tons of people never get recognized for something they enjoy.

    That's a gift.

    Of course, you can always think that you could have been chosen to judge a pie-eating contest...

    I mean, which would you prefer?

  10. I'm bored I just came by to say hi to Daddy. ;)

  11. Nice. Looking forward to hearing how it goes...

  12. EW: Mark and I wanted to go on a American History road trip and Boston was one of the stops.

  13. Dan: well, of course. On the other hand, I am extremely qualified to judge a pie-eating contest

    Alice: Karl Rove is here? I gotta go get the hose!

    Vesper: you'll certainly be updated

    Sam: Sweet deal. Be sure to tell me if you ever go through with it.