I M Buried

A certain rockstar diva said a while back that she was disappointed in her lack of snowfall.

Shayna, you can have half of mine or more if you want it. All you need is a freezer truck and some free time. Over a foot of it fell the other night and yet another negative about living at home in a house as opposed to in the city in an apartment is all the gorram shoveling.

Watched some Olympics, of course. I wasn't very psyched about it at first but I've gotten into it after a day or so. Snowboarding is an awesome thing to watch, and Shaun White's crazy moves on the halfpipe make me wish I could handle one of those things. In fact, I've really got to get my ass in gear if I'm ever going to get into all of the alternative sports I want to. I mean, I have no idea how I'm going to manage learning to hang-glide, and that's to say nothing of Parkour (seriously you need to check that stuff out... It's goddamned incredible), or The Great Outdoor Fight (ok, so that's not a real sport but still)

Also, Dick Cheny shot a guy. I hear he was hiding weapons of mass destruction


  1. Mark and I were watching Saun White the other night and I thought, man I wish I could do that, then I thought some more.... hell, I wish I could get down that first hill and straight down the middle of the half pipe with out falling. That would be a victory for me.

  2. True dat. I'd certainly be happy if I could get down the hill and catch some air. Of course first I'd need to actually go snowboarding, so yeah.

  3. Hiding weapons of mass destruction? That's hilarious! :)

  4. I loved watching the snowboarding and some of the other stuff . I've kept the Olympics on when I 'm in.

    Is there not a cartoon Olympics?

    LOL. weapons of mass destruction.

  5. You know, I'm a lousy former sports reporter. I haven't watched a single event in the 2006 Turin games...

  6. Shaun White is fucking awesome at everything that little freakazoid!

    Dick Dick DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Vesper: Thank you, I'll be here till Thursday. And, well, after that.

    Alice: Yeah, now that I've gotten into it I've been watching. I rather like the luge.

    Cartoon Olympics? I'm not quite sure I follow.

    Zenfo: Well, You're a better sports reporter than Bob Costas. Am I the only one who thinks that guy is a douche?

    Frap Gurl: I know! for some reason though my father couldn't stop saying that the dude was ugly.

  8. EW... you are one awesome guy... I'd be glad to take the snow off of your hands... ;)